#2 Hannah, Christian and ‘The Big One’ — in which things get serious…

The following is the second in a series of transcripts taken from Facebook live videos between Hannah Velten, writer and Spirit Messenger, and her dead brother, Christian. The videos are recorded at https://www.facebook.com/searchforchrisvelten/.

This transcription is taken from the video recorded on 4th December, 2018 at 11am (GMT)

All live videos, audio versions and transcriptions are available via Hannah’s website: www.hannahvelten.online/loss-is-an-illusion

All text in bold is Spirt, speaking. Normal text is Hannah, speaking. The transcripts have been slightly edited in Hannah’s parts, to aid clarity — no words from Spirit have been altered.


Lighting the candles.

One for me, first. It’s a beautiful morning here in the South East of England…

This candle, as always, is for anyone watching (either live or on playback), just to remind you that there’s always a light there for you, even if you can’t see it, or feel it. There’s always a light waiting for you, guiding you.

This candle, as always, is for Spirit: Christian, and I wonder if anyone else will come through today. I have a feeling that they might do, or if not this one, soon. I think I’m being gradually led along, so we’ll see.

I don’t have much clue as to what will happen.

As for last time, it took me by surprise all being Christian. The emotions which came through were his emotions. I’m pretty free now of sadness, fear — of all of this, now — so I don’t think it was my feelings coming through.

I think Christian is working his feelings out, through me, so any tears or emotions will be Christian’s, as last time. It was emotional last time, as Christian said, he’s had a review of his life and he’s realised his part in other people’s lives. He’s realised what’s happened, what his disappearance caused in people and for people. And a lot of the last video was him apologising for what he’s put everybody through. And at the end he said it was a great relief to have been able to have done this.

It seems to me that a lot of people in Spirit really want to apologise, and make amends for things. The way they’ve passed, in particular. But I think we’ll probably get some more information about that.

Another thing that might come up today is fear: audience fear. What you’re watching [laughing] and your reactions to it, and wondering, I think, if this is all true, whether it’s something to believe in, whether you trust in it, and trust us. That’s a big issue, I think.

And also, I think Christian and I are just going to try and have a conversation. I’m quite intrigued at the moment as to what goes on in Spirt and what it’s like for him in Spirit, and the process he’s moved through, because I believe he’s been through different layers in Spirit. But I think we need to ask him that. If you have any questions, do ask me.

If you see me with my eyes closed, it’s more than likely it will be Christian speaking.

Okay… let’s see/hear whatever is going to happen today.

[Hannah takes a glug of tea and finds out that her microphone wasn’t attached to her clothing!]

Christian’s reaction last week was one of relief and getting out the words he wants to pass on to friends and family. My reaction to it was pretty exhausting. I should explain that when I close my eyes, I can hear Christian speaking and I just repeat what he says.

It emotionally effected me in that Christian is a very strong personality — he was always strong in the physical, and he’s no different now. He’s like this big passionate force, very strong, very masculine. He’s laughing, but it’s true!

I’m nicely in balance now. I’ve got my feminine side/energy, which balances nicely with my masculine side/energy. The masculine energy in everybody is the DOing: the directness, listening to the mind, strength, power. The feminine side is the quiet voice, the intuition, the trusting your gut-feeling, the joy of being in Nature, wonder, it’s more questioning, more child-like in a way in that you’re more open to things.

In everybody, you have masculine/feminine energy, but I was always running on masculine energy — always have been. And only by opening up and using my feminine energy have I been able to come into balance.

So there is the DOing, the masculine side which you need to do things/to create things (doing these videos, for example); the feminine side is getting the information to be able to create. It’s like creating a project: you do the background work with the feminine energy and the masculine energy makes the project land, makes it become physical. You can’t have the masculine, without the feminine, and visa versa. That’s a HUGE lesson I’ve learnt.

Anyway, Christian has this great masculine energy and when I’m speaking with him, I get that heavy masculine feeling; it’s very driven, it’s exhausting for me. So for much of last week, after the last video, I got very wet walking in Nature with the dog, creating, dancing (just by myself, like no one’s watching, which gets everything moving again), meditations and lots of scribbling/drawing/doodling to free my mind up.

So I had to rebalance myself. I’m going to have to do this, because it’s exhausting doing these videos and if I get too tired I’m not going to want to do any more of these. So, yes, I feel fine again this morning and we’ll see what happens now.

So, let’s see who’s here.

[Hannah closes her eyes, and settles back in her chair].

Hi Han, sorry if it was too much last week.

That’s okay. He’s saying, “I was always a pain in the arse!” Yup [laughing]. Let’s see what we’re going to talk about this week.

Fear. Keeping yourself small. Dimming to fit in. But first he wants to talk about something else.

He’s asking me whether I have any questions for him. Yes, I do actually. Christian, I should explain, comes and goes, and I’d quite like to know where he is now. So I might just have another slurp of tea and see if he’s willing to talk a bit more about the what, where, how, when, who questions.

I know there are lots of people watching this who used to know Christian, who are possibly finding it quite difficult to get in the brain space to think that this is actually Christian I’m talking to. I know people I’ve talked to, who knew him well, they’ve said to me that it is Christian — he says the same things, it sounds like him. But, obviously, there’s a lot of opening of the mind that needs to happen to believe this could be Christian. Trust me when I say, I’ve tested this to destruction. And he keeps proving it to me, again, and again, and again.

The last post I did about the rose, that was just last Thursday, so it happens all the time. He’s visiting lots of people (he’s saying that to me now). If you knew him in life, or knew me, or both of us, he’s making the rounds. I might close my eyes again, as he’s just going to carry on…

Hi everybody, this is Christian speaking now. Isn’t Hannah amazing doing this for me. She’s very brave setting herself up doing this. But that’s part of what I want to talk about. Hannah doesn’t have fear anymore; she’s not nervous about doing these videos. She’s got past her fear; it never served her well. And it doesn’t serve anyone well to be in fear.

If you want to know anything about this, just look at our ebook [available at www.hannahvelten.online/lost-and-found-book]. I know I keep saying this, but we wrote it for you. It’s all the lessons we’ve learnt through this traumatic time.

Hannah’s learnt not to listen to others, or to be what others expect her to be. She’s her own free spirit now. It’s serving her well, and she doesn’t yet realise the powerful effect she’s going to have on other people’s lives by doing this with me, her brother in Spirit.

It must look strange to many of you out there; me, Christian, with my sister’s face and my sister’s voice. We’re going to be working on that [Hannah laughing]. I want her to lower her voice, speak my voice, but it’s something she’s resisting, subconsciously. She doesn’t want to take on every aspect of me, while we’re together, because I’m too big for her to handle (he laughs).

When I say that, I mean that where I am now, I’m not constrained by a body. I am as big and as wide as the universe, which, to be fair (he’s laughing) is quite massive and beyond our comprehension in the physical.

Hannah wanted to ask me questions, and you probably want to know, so where am I? I’m in a place beyond time and space, which sounds rather cliched, but it’s true. We, and I say ‘we’ because there are plenty of spirits around me, we all live in a harmonious….

Now I’m getting some resistance… what are you saying?….

Ah, I can feel other spirits here. He’s being told to tone it down a bit… someone’s holding my hands.

Han, I’ve overstepped the mark already — ha, ha. I’m over-exuberant and for anyone who knew me in the physical, they’ll be laughing now. I’ve been told off. I was about to give some big truths away which you’re not ready to hear, yet. Hannah knows this stuff, but I’ve been told I need to lead you in gently. ’Twas always thus.

Okay. Where do we go now, then?

So, I’m in a place where love is the currency. It’s a beautiful place. I have all the freedom I’ve ever needed. Being in the physical, I can see now, is so constricting. You are a soul squished into a body: it’s a very unnatural state to be in. That’s why myself and a lot of people around you (Hannah) are being drawn to our conversations: they’re small conversations, with a small audience, but this will change.

Our connection is like a lighthouse to people. Our connection is like a beacon, which will shine out to people. Our job is to show…

I can feel a pain in my head (back left), which usually means that I shouldn’t be going into that territory. Again, it’s like Christian is giving me too much information.

This is r-e-a-l-l-y difficult — I have so much to say…

[Hannah opens her eyes] There’s lots of energy in here, today. It’s like really powerful today.

[Long pause]

Erm, I feel like I should say…. when this first started to happen to me [connecting with Spirit], I found this all really fearful. Frightening. But now it’s not at all, because I know it all comes from a loving place. There’s nothing bad here. It’s very pure, and it’s all loving.

Erm, okay. Let me see what I have to say.

They want to pass on some messages. This isn’t turning out as I expected, but, hey, there we go.

Let me just see. [Long pause and more tea is drunk].

There are lots of people in the audience wanting messages — oh, blimey. What’s going on now? Sorry, you’re going to have to bear with me.

Okay, they want me to pass on some messages [more tea is drunk].

Okay, I think these are going to be general messages; so if your heart’s just leapt thinking you’re just about to get a message from someone… not today. These will be general messages.

This isn’t Christian speaking… hmmm. It’s the one I have resistance to saying (if you watched the last video you’ll know who I mean).



Shall I close my eyes?

Okay, ummm. You’ll just have to go along with me on this.

This is a very powerful… no, THE MOST POWERFUL energy in the Universe. I don’t know why he’s chosen me.

I feel nervous.


That was the pain in my head.

You have bigger messages to tell than your brother can contain at the moment. He is a young light, not very powerful yet.

You are a much more powerful light than he is and you have an inkling about this. You must respond to this inkling and become bigger, and become our messenger.

Holy shit, you might be saying to yourself (er, audience, yes I am!).

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity; please don’t blow it. Accept my voice as yours. The things we create in this world, together, are what matters. We create to build a better life for all. There’s no point in having these experiences and recovering from trauma if you’re going to do nothing with that experience.

You and Christian have been chosen in this lifetime to spread the love. There should be no constraints on giving out this message. People can start to look at the ebook* you created with Christian — it’s on a very small scale, but an essential beginning point for people to move from fear into love.

As Christian said last week, unconditional love is the state you should strive for in the physical. You all have unconditional love in your hearts; you were born with it. It’s there. You just need to remember it’s there and work to uncover the love within, so you can be guided by loving thoughts, rather than the fearful thoughts, which seem to be smothering your world at present.

There is a mania; a panic; a fearful hurricane, which is spreading across the globe fuelled by people’s thoughts of separateness, competition, greed and basic inhumanity.

I’m being told the names of certain leaders in the world, which I’m not sure I want to spread at the moment… but, okay.

The leaders in this world are very divisive, spreading hatred, racism, sexism, confounding what you are all given at birth.

I sometimes hang my head in shame at what I can see playing out across the world. You have been given free will to make your own choices in life. So many of you are not using your life wisely.

But I don’t want to make Hannah sound like she’s lecturing here [Hannah laughs]. She’s such a good soul and a powerful soul that you can learn from her and her sometimes idiotic brother.

Sorry, Christian! There’s a lot of laughter here.

You’re going to be telling Christian’s story, WITH Christian, to show where he f***ed up in life. It’s a universal lesson to be learnt. He didn’t listen to any of the feelings we gave him; feeling are given to guide you. Christian ignored most, if not all, the feelings we gave him.

Christian’s sitting there, kind of nodding, so he’s okay with this information.

Christian can see now the stupid mistakes he made in Africa, and before he went to Africa. He’s agreed to tell you his full story and of those he met on the way (with their consent, also) to provide universal wisdom in how not to live your life [Hannah laughing].

The important thing is that the feminine energy Hannah’s talking about — the gut-feelings, sudden emotions (like tears), the bodily feelings (like chills) — they are all God-given to guide you. But because you have free will in the physical, you can choose (and you usually do choose) to ignore these guidance mechanisms and you are guided instead by negative thoughts.

We will look at Christian’s thoughts before and during his journey in Africa, as an example of how not to think [Hannah laughs] and we’ll also look at Hannah’s thoughts before and during the search for Christian to also show you how not to think [Hannah laughs].

Christian and Hannah have agreed to be your guides with these messages. They did this a long time ago, before birthing. They knew they would always be separated at some point, definitely, in the physical. But Hannah only agreed to this whole role in this life if she could be gradually separated from Christian.

She always knew she’d be able to find Christian when he went missing. But we never agreed as to how she would find him, or how she would communicate with him, so everything Hannah’s been through in the physical has been very real to her.

It has been a horrific time for her (these are my tears, by the way). She can show you how her negative thinking affected her life and also how the realisation that if she changed her thoughts, accepted the situation, and handed the problem over to me, I would then be able to guide her on a path to finding her brother — her heart’s desire.

But Hannah is very special in that her focus to find Christian never wavered.

Everybody has the strength in themselves that Hannah has, but it’s easy to fall away from the difficult path you have to tread.

Hannah mentioned being fearful when these voices and experiences started happening to her, but that is natural in your physical existence. But the more you become childlike and open and look for the magic around you, the trust in what you can’t see grows and the faith within you makes you concrete, grounded and very sure you can handle the path you’re being asked to walk on.

It’s not the path for everyone in this life: some of you are beginners in this life; some of you, like Hannah, are old souls and have travelled the physical path many times.

The only difference Hannah will see in this life, in particular, is her ability to spread her message, universally. In other lifetimes, she’s been cut down for doing what she’s doing now. And in the audience, if you’re feeling mistrust or fear towards Hannah it may well be that you remember her from another time, another life, where she was mishandled, tortured, maimed and killed for these beliefs.

She knows these lives, so I’m not telling her anything new. Which makes it all the more remarkable that in this life she’s willing to stand up and speak out on this massive scale.

I say ‘massive’. It’s not massive, yet.

That’s all I have to say, Hannah — thank you for voicing my words. I’ll hand you back to Christian…

Thank you. [Hannah breathes out heavily].

I know. F***k. What happened there? [Laughing in disbelief]

Okay, this is Christian — we’re all a bit shocked. Kind of a bit speechless, I’m afraid, everybody.

Okay, where were we?

Okay, have you anything to say, Christian?

There’s lots of expletives here. Can’t quite believe that!

Are you alright, Christian?

Yeah, I’m fine, Han. I’ve never met ‘The Big One’ before. He’s always around, but he’s never shown himself to me. I know he talks with you quite a lot, through writing, but that was something else. I feel very insignificant now, bowing down to you.

I don’t think we’ll hear from him again — I think that was a one off to get us started, to show us the seriousness of our purpose now. To make you realise our story MUST be told and I’ve already given you an inkling of how we’re going to tell the Africa story and it’s going to be incredibly safe for you in physical terms, but it will be hard for you to see/feel/hear some of the things that happened to me. But you and I know, we must tell our story.

‘YOU MUST’, I’m hearing.

It seems that the last 15 years have been played out for others’ benefits, and we must honour that.

This has suddenly all got serious and far bigger than I anticipated, Han.

You may need time to — I know, shit! — come to terms with this. Keep your counsel. Keep grounded. Keep being you. Keep being humble. Know that you got me ‘home’ and into the place I am now. So this power can be used for good.

Love you, Han. What an amazing sister you are [Hannah crying].

I wish I was there to give you a hug, but just know that I’m in your heart now and we can do this together.

Fear doesn’t have a place in your life, or anyone’s life. Fear keeps you small, and hidden, anxious, depressed, unheard and unloved. Moving into love is as simple as changing your thoughts.

I think people should download our ebook as a Christmas present to themselves .Treat yourselves — it will change the way you look at life and, subsequently, how you live life. Read it slowly, read it carefully. Take time for the words to settle in you.

Winter is the time for clearing out and releasing gunk so that you can come out of Winter into Spring with a new heart, an unencumbered heart, and a new vision for life. This is the best time of year to digest the contents of the ebook. Which is STILL FREE*, because Hannah’s such a softie. But, she’s not, because you’ve just seen, she’s as hard as nails.

Anyway, I think we all need to recover now and see what we do next.

Lots of love to anyone who knew me in the physical, and know that I’m only a thought away and I come visiting, spreading the love.


[Hannah opens her eyes] Well, I didn’t expect any of THAT!

That was strange [Hannah laughs].

I’m aware of everything, by the way: of sounds outside, etc. when I’m in that meditative state. That was very real.

The big energy that was here — the massive energy — I’ve felt it the last few days. It’s like a pain, or a real pressure, in the back of my head. And it’s massive. Usually Christian’s fully in my head, but Christian was totally insignificant [Hannah laughs] to this energy.

I’m going to have to watch all that back, because I’m speaking it but I don’t take it all in.

I think I’m going to have to start getting these videos transcribed, because I think, together, they’re going to make a brilliant resource for people. Or I might offer them as just audio recordings.

Anyway, that’s what I have to work out here. I think I’m in shock, actually.

I speak to this massive energy, but I write and it’s always very manageable. But actually, that’s just massive…

God knows what anyone got out of that: let me know!

But, I will have to leave it there. I’m pretty sure that’s it. That’s an hour. The last video was an hour and one minute, and this will be the same, so something’s obviously going on there.

[Starts rambling, a bit disorientated]

Sorry… we have another few weeks before Christmas, so there may be one next week and then I think I will hibernate for Christmas and work out just how this Africa story is going to be told.

I know I’m not going to be leaving this room to tell Christian’s story: that’s why it’s so physically safe for me. I always thought I’d be going back to Mali, but I looked a couple of days ago and the Foreign Office advice is still don’t travel to Mali and that’s set until October 2019. So, it’s obviously not going to be that way and Christian did always tell me it would be completely safe to me physically, so I think in the New Year we start travelling back.

I don’t know how we do it. How it works. But I’m sure I’ll be given lots of downloads over the holidays so I can explain it to you….

I can feel that pressure, again. They’re going to give me all the information I need before I start with Christian on his story. I’m being told it will be the trip of a lifetime…

[‘The Big One’ returns] And you’ll want to take as many people with you as possible. To do this, people need to hear and see you tell the story. It’s going to be massively well-received and spread widely. But you’re totally up for this, and strong enough to do this.

Expect blood, sweat and tears.

But when the journey’s done, you’ll be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams and I’m not just saying that so you do the journey with Christian. The journey you make will heal so many of the world’s problems and that’s what’s been driving the last 15 years of hurt, pain, grief and ultimately your resilience, healing and growth.

People can learn from you and if anyone disrespects you, they’ll have me to answer to [Hannah laughs a lot]. You’ll always be safe, Hannah. No fear needs to trouble you about this journey.

Protection and guidance is all around you, and within you. Any lower energies don’t come anywhere near you. Trust and love is all you need. And that my darling girl, is the end of today’s lesson [Hannah laughs].

Take care of yourself, and sing loudly tonight. You’ll have to tell people what that means.


The singing… I joined a gospel choir in the town near to me, having seen Karen Gibson, who’s the leader of The Kingdom Choir (which sang at Harry and Megan’s wedding) and I saw her conduct this gospel choir this year, just after I’d brought Christian home. I went to this concert and everything there was ‘Lost and Found’, etc. The whole evening spoke to me, so I joined the choir and it’s choir night, tonight — hence the ‘sing loudly’.

That’s enough from me… any more is too exhausting for me, and any more for you is probably boring to watch.

So, I will say goodbye.

Lots of love [blows a kiss], everybody, and hopefully I’ll see you next week.



*as of 02/08/19, the ebook has been update and offered in paperback, costing £9.99, plus p&p.

Spiritual Grief Healer, Writer & Speaker. Working with my brother-in-Spirit, Christian, to inspire and empower grievers to fly free. www.hannahvelten.online

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