#3 Christmas messages from Spirit

Are there messages waiting for you to collect, this Christmas?

The following is the third in a series of transcripts taken from Facebook live videos between Hannah Velten, writer and Spirit Messenger, and her dead brother, Christian. The videos are recorded at https://www.facebook.com/searchforchrisvelten/

This transcription is taken from the video recorded on 12th December, 2018 at 11am (GMT)

All live videos in the series, audio versions and transcriptions are available via Hannah’s website: www.hannahvelten.online/loss-is-an-illusion

All text in bold is Spirt, speaking. Normal text is Hannah, speaking. The transcripts have been slightly edited in Hannah’s parts, to aid clarity — no words from Spirit have been altered.


Morning everybody. Hope everyone’s well.

I’m just going to do my candles, but we’ve just been joined by the neighbour’s builders crashing and bashing around on the roof, so you’ll know this video is real!

Candles: one for myself. This candle holder is made from rose quartz, by the way, which is the love crystal.

This candle is for the community out there; for anyone who’s watching [or listening or reading] who needs to remember that there’s light in their life, even though they feel alone and if life isn’t going your way at the moment, don’t despair as there’s always someone watching out for you.

And this one, is for Spirit. As usual, I haven’t had very much information about what we’re talking about today. They’re all here, though — I’ve already said hello to everybody — but I’m being told to let them lead today, which I think will always happen.


Good morning — my name is Hannah Velten, and I’m a writer and Spirit Messenger and I do these Facebook Lives so that I can talk to my brother, Christian, in Spirit. Why else do I do them?

I’ve spent about 18 months by myself, speaking with Spirit, and working my way through my grief and it was all very private. It took a lot of tears and a lot of effort to get to where I am today and I now think I have to move from being very private about what I believe in and the way I speak with Spirit, to bring it out into the open to show people that loss is an illusion. Even if you’ve lost someone in the physical, they’re still there; still around you, and you can have a current relationship with them.

I also do these live videos, I’m being told, to spread the love [Hannah laughs]. It’s that simple. It’s moving from a life of fear — negative and fearful thoughts — into a place where first of all you love yourself. You accept yourself, you accept the side of you that you’ve kept quiet/dampened down. Love the side of yourself that you don’t usually show to others; the side you’re embarrassed to show others; the side that society, and others, have told you that you can’t be or do.

A lot about moving into love is the self-love: you have to love yourself, first, before you can begin to improve your relationships with others, and then you help the community, and then you go further and further. But it does really stem from this self-love.

Christian and I have written a short ebook *— you can download it and/or print it out, available from https://www.hannahvelten.online/lost-and-found-book — and it’s the basics we’ve learnt, from moving from fear into love, and how this move can massively improve your life; it’s like a miracle suddenly happens, just by changing your thought process.

The process is long haul; but taking small steps and gradually building up the loving thought ‘muscle’ allows you, instead of automatically reacting to a situation in a fearful way, to think of it in a positive way.

Also, I do these live videos as a kind of training ground. The last few videos have been (I’m just being told) a way for me to practice speaking to camera, doing lives and working out a way for Christian and I to come across to you, the audience, in a non-threatening, non-frightening, non-fearful way. This is just a normal part of my life, and I hope people will be able to see that there’s nothing frightening about connecting with Spirit, with loved ones.

That’s really the purpose of these first few videos, and then last week we talked about this Africa trip which Christian and I are going to do. Basically, I need to go with him to Africa, but I’m going to relive his last few months in the physical, and there’s obviously lots of lessons to be learnt.

‘The Big One’ (God) came through last week and basically said that Christian did a lot of idiotic things… there was a lot of laughter last week, by the way, and Christian obviously now realises that he did a lot of stupid things and going back to relive his journey is going to be showing universal lessons on how to live your life, and how NOT to live your life. And a lot of the lessons will also be from my life in what I’ve learnt over the last 15 years: negative thinking doesn’t bring you what you want in your life.

I’m not really sure what we’re going to talk about today, but I think there were some hints here, as I often get clues while I’m doing the preamble!

I do need to say that these videos (the whole series), audio recordings and transcriptions of the videos are all available via my website at: www.hannahvelten.online/loss-is-an-illusion


I’m being very open about what I do and I have to be very open. I have no fear about being open, now. I have to do these sessions live, so I can’t get accused of anything! [Hannah laughs]

There is plenty of potential (I’m hearing) for people to disrespect me for what I do; there are plenty of people out there who are ready to disregard all that I do. The more open I can be, by doing these live videos, the more transparent I can be, the more versions that I can give people to access the information and the messages I get, the better for me it will be, and for Spirit, and for everybody watching.

The messages I get are all from a loving place (I’m hearing this now)… I’m serving Spirit by giving these messages (I’m getting real chills now!) and that’s why I’m doing this.

People who knew me before (in fact, there are lots of people watching who did know me before) would never think I’d be doing this — I never thought I’d be doing this! This is mind-blowing, but it has taken a long, long time and I’ve been gradually built up to this, so that now it feels totally natural.

You’re never given something to do that you’re not ready to do; even if you think [Hannah gulps], you have to step forward and do it, and you’ll always be supported. If the feeling’s right, do it. If you’ve got a bad feeling about something, step back — ask, why have I got a bad feeling about this? — and then readjust your behaviours.

Anyway, I’m getting lots of things coming through now, so I think I better just have a gulp of tea and, as usual, I’m going to just close my eyes and anything that I say, with my eyes closed, is coming through from Spirit.

[Gulps of tea]

I just have to tell you… I went to the Missing People Christmas Concert in London on Monday night. We stayed overnight in London and, for a country girl, it’s like an assault on my senses and really exhausting to be there. Last year at the concert, I read out a letter to Christian and at that point I’d accepted that I could do no more to get him home. All I could do was be a beacon, or lighthouse, just with love shining out so that Christian would know that there was unconditional love there, whenever he wanted to come ‘home’.

I’d stopped fighting to find him and I’d accepted the situation and gave him a gateway, I guess, to come through. That was this time last year, so sitting in the church this year (I went up to support my friend, Bek, who was reading out a letter to her son, Finn) was very strange. Last year, Christian was still missing and I was expecting him to walk through the door, in the physical, and then this year I was sitting there feeling the desperation around me, the sadness and the fear of having a missing loved one, especially at this time around Christmas.

Christmas, is obviously (and I think we’re going to be talking about this), a time when it can really hurt the most to have a lost one, a missing one, or your loved one now in Spirit. The most pain. And I think this being (I’m getting chills) the last recording before Christmas, there will be something here for those of you who are going to find Christmas difficult.

The concert was an eye-opener because I could very easily put myself back in the place I was last Christmas, where Christian was… my voice has started to go [Hannah clears her throat]. The concert was bitter-sweet this year, that’s for sure.


I should just explain the voice… at the end of the last session, Christian said that he wanted to get me to start speaking his voice, because he said it was really strange that it was his words, but coming from my voice and my face. And apparently, subconsciously, I’ve got a really big block to allow his voice to come through me. I think part of that is thinking about how freaky that is going to look and sound to you, in the audience [Hannah laughs]. So, I’m not sure if that will happen, so it might be a bit of voice-breaking which goes on, but it might be that gradually my voice will change.

I’m just checking to see whether there’s anything else for me to say in this introduction…


Ah, yes, there is one more thing. I’m part of a gospel choir which I joined a few months ago. I went to see the choir in concert and the concert that I saw was full of references to ‘lost and found’ and I’d actually just found Christian and brought him home, so there were plenty of things that spoke to me and I thought, right, I’m going to join this choir. It’s a complete joy to do this gospel singing.

And this term, my first term, we are singing a lot of songs about having come through trauma and coming out the other side and, obviously being a gospel choir, there are lots of ‘God kept me’, ‘God held me’ references — I completely resonate [Hannah laughs] with this group of songs. So, we’ve gone from ‘lost and found’ to ‘God kept me’ — there’s always someone watching you through the trauma, guiding you and just waiting for you to ask for help. That’s a massive message which has been coming through for months.


2018 has been, for me, the year of my life. It’s been traumatic. The most traumatic year of my life: even more than the year Christian went missing. A lot of the trauma has been caused by over-coming my fear of just talking about this: other people’s reactions. I can’t go into details because it’s not fair, but there are a lot of different viewpoints on what I do now. And I know that I need to do it, and I can’t stop this from happening now. This is all part of the purpose of Christian’s going missing and his death, and if I don’t respect this… there’s an anger here.

If I don’t respect this, and do these live videos and talk about this, and be open about it, and talk about the continuing relationship I have with Christian, I will be completely and utterly disrespecting what Christian and I, and everybody else, have been through in the last 15 years and before…

This is real anger (I don’t know where it’s coming from).

There is absolutely no way, anybody is going to stop us from doing this.

So, that’s just the message [Hannah laughs] and it might be for anybody else who is currently going through something which is maybe not something which others can see and something that other people can understand, but know that you have to respect the path you’re on. If people don’t like the path you’re on, or they don’t like what you’re saying, or they don’t like what they’re seeing, it’s NOT YOUR ISSUE, HANNAH.

It’s not your issue, whoever is listening in the audience. If people don’t like what you’re doing, and they don’t respect you, then it’s their problem, not yours.

I think this is a message for me… they were saying last week that the audience is very small at the moment, but it will turn into a massive audience [Hannah gulps] and the more people that join, it won’t be the little lovely community we have here. But I have to disregard that… and this is true for anyone else who steps out into doing something.

[With hindsight, Spirit starts speaking now] Trust your path. Know that you’re facing the right way, if it feels right. And just do it.

Nothing negative can hurt you if you’re sure in yourself about what you’re doing. You have to be very sure that you’re doing the right thing, for you; that you’re guided to do and you’re grounded in it. It’s not all in your head. You have to be grounded to Earth. You have to be speaking a language that people understand if you want to make a difference in people’s lives. You can’t be airy-fairy and using concepts and ideas which people will react negatively to. And that’s why….

I should close my eyes now, as I’m actually channelling. So, I’ll see you on the other side! [Hannah takes a few gulps of tea, settles back in her chair and closes her eyes].

[Hannah takes a few deep breaths]

So, I’m continuing from what I was just saying… Hannah and Christian’s story has been one which has led them into all sorts of truths. Universal truths which everyone can heed, and take notice of. And that’s the beauty in their story and why they will reach a lot of people with their story, because it will touch hearts. People will see themselves in Hannah and Christian’s story. There’s nothing airy and fairy about it! It’s grounded in true grit, determination, love, turning away from fear and into unconditional love.

There’s nothing airy and fairy about it!

It’s like a blockbuster film. And that’s why people are going to connect with it.

Hannah’s just going to have to keep plodding on, regardless of what viewpoints come her way. But I know that everybody in this community is going to hold her space, provide her with love and comfort and keep her grounded.

It’s going to be a tough journey for Hannah to make with her brother, not least because of the emotional aspects of Christian’s last few months on Earth, but also the negative reaction she’s going to get from many quarters. And that’s where that anger came in, just earlier, because it’s totally disrespecting Hannah, and us in Spirit.

The words she’ll hear will come from people who have no understanding of Spirit and live a life in fear, closed to the wonders of life, and to the magic and miracles that can happen when you live in unconditional love. So this is just to remind Hannah, and as she transcribes the words, she’ll know that she’s loved, supported and guided throughout.

And words [Hannah clears her throat] said in fear will never harm her, or her family, which I know she’s worried about. But there’s nothing to fear. You have a whole army behind you, above you and within you. You’ve been chosen for this role [Hannah takes a big breath] because of your determination, stamina and need to get this message out. You have a burning desire to help people and change their lives for the good. Those people who need to hear our messages, through you, will hear them, and be touched by them. Everything else is just illusion. Fear — which has no place in your life, or anyone else’s life.

Please remember this Hannah, lovely. We think the world of you here. Please don’t blow it by stepping back from your purpose. And that’s all I have to tell you today. It was ‘The Big One’, by the way. And thank you for singing so beautifully last night. The songs you are singing this term are for yourself, to celebrate your achievement, this year in particular. And as a guide to show others what can be achieved when you accept a situation, explore and release your feelings…

Oh, there’s somebody here…

and ask for our guidance.

… Oh, my goodness, there’s so many people here. Ohh… Oh, WOW!

I’m being shown the army, I think.

I need to explain this to people… I’m just going to open my eyes for a moment. [Hannah opens her eyes]

I just want to explain what I’m feeling.

There’s an army in Spirit who are… I’ve got chills. This is really powerful, for me. They are doing this to me, now, to show YOU that even if you think you’re alone, there is a whole army of Spirit around you, wanting to help, giving you support, giving you guidance, but you have to ask for it, you have to be open to it, you have to be in this place where you’re able to accept the help.

A lot of this is accepting a situation you’re finding difficult and accepting that it’s something you JUST CAN’T change. If you can change something, change it. If you can’t change a situation, then you have to accept the situation. You have to understand the feelings and the emotions you have around that situation, release them.

The more you explore your feelings and emotions, it’s hard to do, but the more you do, the more you’re able to release them: they kind of evaporate. If there’s a dark corner, and you don’t actually know what’s in it, it’s frightening because it’s a dark corner. If you shine light in it, you’ll actually see what’s there. It might not be pretty, but at least you’ll know what’s there and you can explore it and the more you explore and you look at negative emotions and feelings, they do evaporate.

It might happen over a course of time, but they do. A lot of that is accepting the situation, looking at the emotions and feelings you REALLY have, and then changing your thoughts: moving from a fear to a love-based thought process.

…There’s still this army around me.

Even if you feel alone and you’re frightened and you’re fearful, don’t be. You’re always supported, you’re always loved. You just need to ask for help.


… I get chills, like massive chills. A really emotional connection. Chills pass through me and I can feel little breezes on my hands and face. That was just to show you, in the audience, and myself that there is this army there.

[Hannah takes a deep breath]. I’ll have to watch this back because although I’m aware of noises outside and generally aware, I can’t remember everything that I say as it just comes out — I’m saying it, rather than thinking it. I’m kind of bypassing the thinking during these sessions!

I think I’m just going to go back, close my eyes, and see where we go now. [Hannah closes her eyes and laughs].


Christian’s here.

I’m always here, Han. [Hannah gets emotional] I’m never going to leave you again. You know I’m always here. The emotion Hannah’s showing, is my emotion. It’s just so…

Hannah here [wiping tears away]… bloody make-up running, again. Christian always makes me do this!!

I want people to see through these videos that even though I’m no longer in the physical, I’m totally here for Hannah. And this is true for everybody in Spirit, watching out for their loved ones in the physical.

Christmas time, and seeing as this is our last video before Christmas, we all… I should explain there’s lots of people here with us today, who are all surrounding Hannah. They’re very excited to be able to pass on messages to their loved ones so near to Christmas.

Oh, okay, I’m going to get some… [Hannah emotional]… oh, I know who this is.

It’s for Catherine. And it’s Vicky…

Oh my darling girl, I’ve been dying to speak to you, for so long. But I haven’t been able to get through. You keep yourself so busy with your farm, and your business, and your beautiful family and your lovely husband, and those dogs keep you all busy and the animals you have around you.

You are surrounded by love, everyday, all the time.

I’m so sorry I had to leave you so young. But know that I’m always in your heart. And any time you need my support, I’m always with you.

There’s nothing more in this world that I would love, than to see you all again and one day I will see you all again. But for now, this Christmas, please pass on my words of love to all the family, who are now spread far and wide. But know that I visit you all from time to time, just to check on you and give you all the love in my heart and that you deserve.

I don’t want to hog the channel, but I just wanted to take this opportunity through Hannah (who I knew when she was little). I wanted to pass on my love, but there are lots of people around who also want to say hello.

So I will leave you now, with all the love. Know that I’m at peace, in a loving place, surrounded by my flowers/garden. It’s so beautiful here. And one day we can share the perfumes and the scents.

All my love, Mummy.

Okay, Vicky. [Hannah exhales deeply and talks with Vicky].


This is Christian…

Well done, Han. That was your first live connection with another; they’ll be plenty more of these and I know you’ve done very many off camera. But you have to trust that these messages are much needed. It will be something you get used to.

There are lots of other people here, but they’re not going to make you channel them; there’s just too many.

I’m just surrounded. I’m being squeezed, hugged, by an awful lot of spirits — which is quite claustrophobic!

These hugs and love are for you, whoever’s watching [listening or reading], who has a loved one in Spirit and just know that, in many cases, we know Christmas is a really difficult time. But do know that we’re there with you, to celebrate.

I’m getting a very loud: WE ARE HERE! with you. Don’t think we’re gone. Don’t think we’re in the past. We’re here with you now. And that’s the message we want Hannah to give. WE ARE HERE! We can see you all. We can touch you all in many different ways this Christmas.

It might be like Hannah’s just experienced — a glancing breeze, it might be the feeling of a hug, it might be the feeling of a touch, it might be in the choice of song, it might be in the light you suddenly notice, it might be in repeating numbers that you see, it might be in your favourite bauble that you hang on the tree for me…

I think there are a lot of messages here for people, by the way, that are coming through in unison for me.

There are dogs here, too. Oh my God, I’m surrounded.

I’m stroking a dog. It’s a black dog, with a short coat.

And then there’s a brown, long-haired dog, here.

And a little kind of Westie dog: short, white, with kind of curly hair.

… There’s also somebody big here…

It’s a man and he’s sitting in a big chair, with arms. He’s sitting upright; he’s an upright man. I can see a beard. Oh… I know who this is… this is for me. Is it?

Okay, I’ll pass the message on, if I can.

You don’t need to save an empty chair, I’m there in that chair. Toast me, talk to me. Candles suddenly being blown out. Decorations suddenly falling down. I can see tinsel falling off a picture frame onto the ground. Fire sparks from the fire (spits from the fire). Smells: perfume, cigar smoke.

I’m basically being shown every way in which your loved one might acknowledge you this Christmas: so you notice them, this Christmas.

Sing their favourite carol. Light a candle for them. I can see holly, like a sprig of holly. A sprig of mistletoe, tying it up with ribbon but it’s a patterned ribbon, not a straight coloured ribbon. It’s a patterned ribbon. Tie it up this year.

Don’t not do the traditions because I’ll notice and it will make me sad if you don’t do the traditions. Even if you do them just privately for yourself, not with the rest of the family. Even if you just light a little candle for me, please do it. I am there: I do notice.

And these are all loving messages, for you all, whoever is watching [listening or reading]. There is definitely a trust that whoever needs to hear these messages will hear these messages. They might not be watching live, but they will get these messages. There’s a whole process being played out here which will get these messages played to a much larger audience — Hannah doesn’t need to do anything.

It’s all in hand. She has to trust.

Who’s here now?

It’s Christian again…

Han, there’s so much love here, around you, that you can share with your audience. It’s such a beautiful thing. There are many tears of happiness here as you pass on messages for this Christmas time.

Know that even the very young who have passed into Spirit, they are not young any more in Spirit. They return to their soul self. So they are not young, innocent and at risk. They are not helpless. They return to their soul self and become whole again. There is no need to worry about loved ones who pass over. As ‘The Big One’ (God) said last week, and I said, Spirit is a place of unconditional love. It is a cradle where we are all happy to be, at peace, tending our gardens, watching the birds peck on the ground.

That’s one thing that… we also, in Spirit, visit you as birds. If you notice a bird, in particular, it is one of us. Birds reflect our sense of freedom, in Spirit. We are so free up here, nothing binds us. We are free, whole and no one should worry about us.

We are more concerned with you in the physical and how you grieve. How hard and how long you grieve, and worry about us in Spirit.


We are all looked after, loved and at peace.

We worry more about you, in the physical. We worry that you do not look after yourselves in grief. You do not eat properly. [Hannah laughs]. This is a telling off!

You do not eat. You do not sleep. Function. This is quite a stern thing.

In Spirit, we worry about you in grief. PLEASE LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES. You do not need to worry about us. You disrespect us by making yourselves ill. There is no need to make yourselves ill. We would much prefer it, if you could gather yourselves together, pick yourself up and live your life to the full, with us right by your side and within your heart. Do not waste your life mourning for us. We are right here with you. The relationship continues. Get on with your life and ask us for help and we will give you all the guidance, love and support you need, but you must open to us.

You must focus on us. You must light the candle. You must say the prayer. You must do whatever you need to do, whatever little ritual you need to play out, to feel close to us — please do this and then, open yourself to us.

Don’t live in the past, we are no longer there. It is just your memories.

It seems to me that there’s this spokesperson come forward: it’s not Christian. I can’t identify gender. I think it’s just a universal voice. It’s like they’re pleading.

Please don’t live in the past. Please don’t turn away from others. Turn away from that darkness into the light — we are here. It’s lovely to be acknowledged by you, but for us it’s more important that you look after yourself in the physical and that you realise you can have a relationship with us now.

This is Hannah… I’ve got my eyes closed, but in front of me is really bright. It’s like a beautiful sea of faces, but it’s not even faces. Like glowing bodies — silhouettes of bodies behind this really brilliant, golden light.

I can see one spokesperson come forward, with wings…

This is the mission Hannah and Christian have to show, that we’re all still here in your lives. It’s a present relationship. It’s a NOW relationship. Please look after yourselves in the physical. It makes us sad to see you in grief, and pain and hurt. There is no need for this. We’re all here.

Please remember this over Christmas and, although there may be tears, know that we’re in your heart and know that we are bestowing all the blessings on you.

There’s another presence here… I think it’s… God? Not it’s not.

Cor, we’ve had everybody today. I can’t tell what’s going on… they’re waiting.

Maybe that’s the end?

[Long pause]

I get the impression this is the time, if you have a loved one in Spirit, for you to just sit quietly for a few minutes and for YOU to close your eyes. Am I supposed to lead something?

Everybody’s here… I’m quite down below and everyone’s all around me, and above me. There are so many people here.

Okay, so if anyone who is missing someone, or has someone in Spirit, this Christmas, please close your eyes, take a few deep breaths… and just relax…

[Pause for about two minutes — if you’re reading this, please also take time to sit quietly…]

Okay, I’m being told that’s long enough. I’ve just seen lots of reaching down to you in the audience, so I hope some of you felt what you were being given, heard what you were being given, smelt, tasted, touched, sensed what you were being given. You don’t need to tell me if you got anything, but it would be nice to know if you did.

There’s this channel going down and it’s just being filled with messages and love and it’s being released down… so, all I can do is tell you, the audience, what I’m seeing and experiencing and if you can be open to it… good.

But if you aren’t feeling anything, don’t worry. Don’t fight to feel it. You might not receive it now, you might receive it later on, or in the run up to Christmas, or on Christmas, or at New Year, ‘cos Spirit is actually saying that some people preferred New Year. Some people hated Christmas [Hannah laughs] and they much preferred New Year as they were celebrating with friends, rather than family.

At some point, the messages which were released (which I’ve just seen), they might not come to you right now, but will come to you sometime during the holidays.

I’m getting really chilled now.

The message from Spirit is: be aware that these messages will land sometime over the holidays, with love, in a way that is very personal between yourself and the person in Spirit. It’s all very personal.

It might be something tiny, and seemingly insignificant, but if you think of the person in Spirit AS you see something, as you feel something, as you hear something, know it is from them.

And THAT, Hannah, is all we need for you to have done today. Thank you very much on behalf of everyone gathered in Spirit, thank you so much.


And Christian… [Hannah laughs] He’s just saying some expletives!

That was awesome. The world is your stage, Hannah. You are very powerful and you don’t even realise it. But this is a taste of things to come. Know that you’ve given a lot of people peace today in their hearts, and in their thoughts. And for some, you’ve touched them so deeply that they will change the way they live — put themselves first and look to a brighter future. They need TO LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES in grief.

That is the main message. And to watch out for the messages which have been sent, throughout the holidays.

Everyone in spirit is waving goodbye, and blowing kisses and sending love.


Okay, this is Christian again:

You’ve had enough now, Hannah. You need to switch off over the holidays and relax and be with your beautiful family. My beautiful niece and nephew. I’m going to provide them with some surprises and you know when I say that, I always do. They will have big smiles on their faces this Christmas and even though I can’t be with you in the physical this Christmas, you know, as always, I’m always there.

And the man in the chair… he wants to be acknowledged this year. But he knows how hard it is to sit there and not be able to spread your beliefs [Hannah emotional].

Okay. [Long pause, while she speaks to the man]. Okay. [Hannah exhales]

Anyway, that’s all for now. And in the New Year, that’s when the excitement really begins because we’re going to be travelling together back to AFRICA. And next year is a year when your little world, in your little village, is blown to pieces (in the best possible way). And you take everybody in this community and everybody in Spirit and everybody around you — family and friends and your lovely husband: we all fly with you. It’s going to be one amazing year.

And that goes for everyone in this community. Whatever has happened this year, next year, even the obstacles you encounter, you will… (I’m seeing a triangle) be grounded in love.

If anyone hasn’t read the ebook, please do, as you’ll then know what the pointing-up triangle is all about. It’s about openness, trust, love, faith. [access the ebook* here: https://www.hannahvelten.online/lost-and-found-book]

Next year is the year of the triangle!

So many things in the world are going to turn to the good next year. There’s a real groundswell of love rising against the darkness and the fear.


The younger generation are the Lights, now. We must ALWAYS LOOK AFTER OUR CHILDREN. This is the spokesperson again; it isn’t Christian. Forget about yourselves, and LOOK TO THE CHILDREN. They’re being harmed by the fearful, negative thoughts of the olders/elders. The children are the future of the physical world.

They need to be looked after and protected, not forced into boxes and forced to be something they’re not. Allow them to be their bright light within. Don’t force them into being just like you. Allow them to grow, naturally. Allow them to keep their magic. It’s your responsibility, as elders, to keep them young.

Don’t let your quarrels, especially at Christmas, damage your children. The future of the world depends on these children; you have no right to force your old views, out-dated views, negative thoughts onto these children.

Nowhere in the world should the children be disrespected — they always have much to teach us. Look to the children for answers: in their innocence, they know. They are the ones with unconditional love in their hearts. Don’t let your experiences cloud them.

It seems to me that the world needs more Lights, in it, to guide the way. Hannah is one of these Lights and there are many Lights in the audience, watching Hannah now. There’s a really heavy presence on the top of my head, here.

If you have an inkling you’re one of these Lights, please step forward, and acknowledge your light. Hannah’s moved from the shadows into the open, to act as a beacon. Please follow her lead and, during the holidays, take time to acknowledge your calling, to focus on where you might be heading and to ask us for help.

There’s much darkness to dispel with your light.

I’m just seeing beacons of light, dotted around in the darkness. I think that’s the image which will end this channelling… it’s just to show that all these lights are there in the darkness.

You, yourself, might be a Light that will dispel the darkness. You might have someone in Spirit who is there, as well, as a light. It’s just a nice image to finish with.

Thank you everybody.

Okay, Chris?

He’s just saying it’s time for everyone to go now. It’s too tiring.

No, you can’t do anymore and the builders on the roof have started up again… you’re right, I’ve only just noticed them.

Lots of love. Thank you.

[Hannah exhales and opens her eyes] I’m going to have to watch all that back, because I’m not sure what on earth went on [Hannah laughs]. I know bits of what went on.

Yes, I hope everyone got what they needed from that. That was an hour and a half — a massive one, but the last of the year. There was a lot of messages for everybody there. [Hannah disorientated]

Enjoy the last bits of 2018; rest; recuperate; watch out for your signs; and I think the last little bit was thinking about your direction for next year… and look after your children.

Anyway, lots of love, and wishing you all a peaceful and happy holidays and I shall see you in 2019 for some travels to Africa, it would appear.

Lots of love to everybody. [Blows a kiss]. Good bye.



*as of 02/08/19, the ebook has been updated and is now offered in paperback, costing £9.99, plus p&p.