#6 Travelling in Africa — Part 3 (Closure)

The following is the third, and final, part of the journey that siblings, Hannah and Christian (in Spirit), take back to Mali, Africa.

It is also the sixth in a series of transcripts taken from Facebook live videos between Hannah Velten, writer and Spirit Messenger, and her dead brother, Christian. The videos are recorded at https://www.facebook.com/searchforchrisvelten/

This transcription is taken from the video recorded on 14th January 2019 at 11am (GMT)

All live videos in the series, audio versions and transcriptions are available via Hannah’s website: www.hannahvelten.online/loss-is-an-illusion

All text in bold is Spirt, speaking. Normal text is Hannah, speaking. The transcripts have been slightly edited in Hannah’s parts, to aid clarity — no words from Spirit have been altered.


Good morning, everybody.

Hope everybody’s well. Sorry I’m a bit late — the bin lorry was outside emptying the bins and it was just too noisy!

I’ve lit my candles already.

If you haven’t watched before, my name is Hannah Velten and I’m a writer and Spirit Messenger. I’m doing these travels with my brother, who’s in Spirit, and we go back to retrace the last few weeks of his life.

We’ve been back to Mali, in Africa. A few days ago, we were in Kita, where Christian was attacked. I lived all of that. I felt it, saw it, heard it.

I must thank everybody for their support — I’ve seen lots of people, had emails and messages. Many people haven’t wanted to watch these films because, obviously, the subject matter is tough to watch. It’s probably harder for people to watch, than for me to do, to be honest, especially for people who knew Christian.

But, as I said in the last video, there’s a definite division being made between Christian my brother, now, who’s in Spirit, and Christian who we’re going to be travelling with, aged 27.

Although I see, feel, hear and experience everything, I don’t really identify with him; so there’s definitely a barrier between us so I don’t get too involved, which is good [Hannah laughs]. So I can just come out of my travels and be mum, wife and daughter: I can function in real life, which is good [Hannah laughs].

And, actually, people who’ve seen me since I started to do the travels have expected me to be really heavy and drained by doing them, but they’ve been surprised. I am emotionally and physically drained, to a degree, afterwards, but after a day or so I seem to be able to just bounce back. Everyone’s quite surprised how light I am.

I always watch these videos back and notice how bright I am at the beginning and by the end I’m really drained by it… [Hannah’s voice drops]… and now my voice is starting to go, so I think Christian is definitely around.


So, the last video. We started with Christian looking like he was dead. He had no shoes on and ripped clothes and he was lying on the ground in front of some houses. Everyone was quite concerned and quite scared of touching him, and taking him in: what is this white boy doing, what’s his story?

But there was an older lady who came out of her house/hut and said that she’d had a dream about this white boy and she needed to look after him. “He’s got lots of people following him. I need to get him better and send him on his way again.”

And then, we cut back to how Christian had been injured in Kita after he’d been attacked (he had an injury to his head, front left, and on his right cheek/eye).

I left the recording feeling like Christian was being looked after by this older lady who’d had a dream about him coming, so… I don’t know where it’s going to go, this session. I’m being told it’s the last part of his journey.

I’m thinking if I feel nervous? I feel like this (I’ve said this before) is the culmination of the past 16 years. But I don’t want to think too much about it, with my ego thinking, otherwise I wouldn’t even be doing any of these! I have faith and trust and love, that I know this is all going to be safe for me, it’s going to be safe for my family. It’s the right thing to do and it’s going to release all the trauma. And there’s going to be lots of lessons for everybody… and I think there already have been in the last two sessions. I’ve been transcribing them, and certain parts really do stand out.

But I think I just need to get on with it, and if my eyes are closed then Spirit is [Hannah’s voice lowers] speaking through me.

I must just have a few glugs of tea [Hannah drinks some tea]. And get my tissues, which I forgot last time and I always need them!


There’s been a real excitement around me this morning and I suddenly feel very emotional. There’s a whole army here with me. It feels like a big one today. I keep hearing the word ‘explosive’ and I woke up this morning with really sore knees (both). I often have a sore left knee, but this was both of them.

And yesterday I’d been hobbling around — I had something in my right foot, but I couldn’t see what it was. I thought it was a thorn, but I just couldn’t see it at all. I woke up this morning and it was still sore and I had a look: a dog hair had got impaled into my right foot and I couldn’t get it out. I had to use tweezers to get it out, which seemed like an important detail to put into this video.

You have to be aware of everything that goes on around you, in life. And it’s often those little things that you think ‘Oh, that’s odd’ that are the really important details… but anyway I think that’s enough chat.

There’s definitely a lot of people around me at the moment.


The way we do this is that ‘soul Christian’ and I fly as eagles. We’ve learnt to travel to Africa together this way. So, I’m just going to settle back [in the chair] and see what goes on.

See you on the other side.

[Hannah takes another glug of tea and looks puzzled]

Something feels a bit odd this morning, I must say. Maybe it’s just the number of people here, or Spirit guides, around.


[Hannah settles back into her chair, and takes some deep breaths]

Oh, I also need to say, I woke up this morning with a pain low down, on the middle back of my head [Hannah points to that area of her head]. Again, I don’t know if that’s going to be relevant, but it needs to be noted.


Good morning, everybody. This is Christian speaking.

I’m going to try and not get too emotional today. Can’t have Hannah’s make-up running too much!

People have been saying Hannah is being very brave to do these journeys, and they are completely right. I don’t think people will have seen anything like this before. She doesn’t know, yet, what effect her travels are going to have on people across the globe. We keep telling her this, but she doesn’t see it yet.

She needs to take some really deep breaths now as we’re going to be travelling for quite a long time today [Hannah takes some breaths]. There’s going to be a completion in my story, but it’s not the end in terms of live videos because there’s one at the end, full of the lessons that we’ve learnt and the messages we need to convey.

God has played a large part in our journey. And it’s to him that Hannah and I have to be thankful to, for giving us these experiences and providing us throughout with all the support, love and community that we’ve needed to help us along the, at times, extremely rough path we’ve had to tread.

You must know that we’ve agreed to this trauma happening. We’ve had self-will along the way, but the basic journey was mapped out for us. As you’ll see in this next video, Hannah’s played a role in helping Christian, aged 27 — she didn’t know it in the physical, but her soul (higher self) was with Christian throughout and, as you’ll see, [Hannah emotional] it meant so much to him to have his sister there. Maybe not physically, but in every other way she was with him.

He’s just so grateful to her. And, myself, now, as Christian her brother — I’m eternally grateful to her. I always have been, and I always will be. But anyway, we must get moving. I don’t want Hannah to tire, unnecessarily.


We’re going to turn into our eagle form now. It’s nothing you can see, but we flap our wings [Hannah laughs] and test them out. I always sit on Hannah’s left side, her left wing. Her bangle is her eagle [Hannah shows the camera the bangle on her right arm which has a golden eagle outstretched, hammered into the silver].

Okay. We rise up, which indicates the start of the journey; always together now.

It’s so very free up here. In our book we mention the trick: if you’re in despair, without hope, only seeing darkness, an essential thing to move forward and something simple to do, is to imagine yourself as an eagle, rising up where you’re free in the sky and you can look down, as Hannah is now, and survey your problems, and yourself, and your darkness from a new perspective. Become your soul, your higher self, and look down on yourself in the physical and see everything from a new perspective. We showed this to Hannah when she was in her darkest depths and she rose, and rose and rose. And saw the truth.

It’s all in the book, which is still free to buy [at the time of filming]. The link is in the community pages. Anyway, that’s another aside and I said I didn’t want to tire Hannah.

So, where are we going today?

This is going to surprise Hannah, but we’re going to go further back. Before Kita. [Hannah breaths out heavily] It’s relevant to what later transpires and how the story ends.

Okay, we’re coming down. [Hannah’s head falls forward]


[Hannah moans] This is Hannah speaking… My head’s gone really heavy and I feel really confused.

I actually feel quite okay. But I can’t think straight. This man in front of me, with lots of people around… yeah, it must be reasonable early into the journey because I feel okay, physically.

He’s talking at me, and confusing me, and I really can’t think straight. [Hannah shakes her head, repeatedly] It’s about money. He’s a translator. He’s been translating for me. He’s getting angry — I can see the whites of his eyes.

I’ve given him money — I’ve paid him, what we agreed, but he’s now… he’s pointing to his shoes: “Walked a long way, need new shoes.” And he’s pointing to his chest: “All this walking in the dust, I’m gonna need medical attention. All this walking I’ve done with you, and the translating I’ve done for you, I need to replace my shoes and [Hannah exaggerated coughing] I need to see doctor.”

No fucking way! [Hannah raises her eyebrows and looks the other way] No, no, no. [Hannah shakes her head] We agreed a price. [Hannah remains stoney faced, then rubs her forehead in irritation].

He’s calling over other people. There’s a crowd around; he’s telling people that I’ve not paid him enough. Not that that’s going to make any difference. [Hannah settles back into her chair, and takes some deep breaths]. I’m just gonna pick up my stuff and get going.

I’ve got a donkey with me. She’s grey. [Hannah laughs] She’s quite sweet. What am I calling her? I’ve got a name for her. Evelyn? She’s called Evelyn — I don’t know why, but it just suits her. She’s keeping me company. She carries my bags, and my water and food.

God, she’s just leapt forward. Someone’s just whacked her on the bum with a stick. They’re laughing. Hmm.

I kinda got a feeling that I’m going to see them all again. Maybe I should have paid him more? [Hannah breathes out heavily] No, fuck it. I said what I was going to pay him; I paid him. If I pay him any more then everyone will know that I’m an easy target.

[Hannah starts to bite her lip and shakes her head slowly] I’ve got a bad feeling about this now, but… fuck it, fuck it, fuck it… I can’t turn around now.

No. Come on, Evelyn, let’s go. [Hannah refocuses]

Mopti is coming into my head. M-O-P-T-I. What is about Mopti? Why am I thinking about Mopti? I’m not going to be there for a while. Okay.

My focus is on ahead; gotta keep going, gotta keep going. I’m going to be okay; I’ve got my supplies [Hannah looks to her left].

Hmmm… But I still feel I’m going to see that man, again.

[Long pause, with Hannah shaking her head and pursing her lips]


[Hannah breathes in deeply] Okay, Han. It’s okay. It’s soul Christian again. That was George. I knew him as ‘George… MawembA’ [Hannah’s struggling to get the name; she’s pointing to the back of her head]. Hm, oh. I’ve got this pain in my head… not a pain; it’s a heaviness. My head feels heavy. Ugh.

George was bad news. He was the ‘something’ that followed me. [Hannah hangs her head and rubs her right eyebrow] I was with him for about 10 days. He translated very well for me and I was very grateful. He’s in many of the photos which you’re going to recover. But the thing is… when you find the cameras and see the photos, I want you to blank him out, cover him. I don’t want people to recognise him. He’s paid, already, for his crime.

[Long pause] He’s already with me in Spirit.

Oh, my God [Hannah indicates to her left-hand side, then becomes very emotional]. That’s who you can feel on your left, with you now. [Hannah takes in several deep breaths and exhales loudly. She wipes her tears away. She calms, but then tears come back]


Okay. George is speaking to me. What I say next will be George… [Hannah is battling to keep her emotions under control. She wipes her tears away]. Okay.

Hannah, sweetest sister.

There’s a lot more than just George here [Hannah indicates to her left-hand side]. Ah, there’s lots of them. And George is…[Hannah keeps sniffing].

We’re sorry for our part in your brother’s death. We didn’t mean to kill him. It was an accident. We just wanted to scare him. It went too far. We should never have done this. We took advantage of his weakness.

[George speaking now] Your brother was engaging, and fun to work with [Hannah teary]. He loved everything he was doing. The time I spent with him was very special. We had many laughs. He loved the children and the young adults he met along the way. You have received many letters [Hannah nods] from people he met. He touched many lives [Hannah battling to control her emotions] with his smile and his deep laugh. He never minded people asking him questions, and bothering him, and children poking him and touching his beard, and laughing at him. He made them laugh.

[Hannah calms] He could be quite serious, too, in moments of quietness and contemplation. He talked about Africa with a real passion, which from a white boy touched us, greatly.

He talked a lot about his family and friends, especially you, Hannah. Many of the men he talked to wanted him to send you love; perhaps they thought you might come to Africa one day, and marry them. Christian never disappointed them; he always said, “Maybe, you never know.” [Hannah says with a nod and wry smile]

We talked about his friends and his girlfriend. He hoped to have a family one day, to settle down, but in the future. Now was a time for him to travel, to make his name, to make his mark.

I’m telling you this now [Hannah teary], so you know that he was happy — very happy — on his travels… before things started to go wrong for him. Much of that was caused by me.

I had many friends. I travelled — being a translator — so I knew many people all over Mali. I could get messages to people, ahead of him.

I was wicked. I hope you can forgive me.

But I think by telling you what I know of your brother, and what a nice man he was [Hannah teary], I hope in some way that my sin will be forgiven.


I sit on your left-hand side, in limbo. You’ve seen me in your dreams, your visions and in your meditations as the man in sunglasses [Hannah nods, settles back into her chair, and takes some deep breaths] — reflective sunglasses. I’ve been here a long time with you. You always knew the glasses meant something hidden still.

I was here all along, but hiding from you. But your bravery and forgiveness [Hannah points to her throat with her right hand]… I’ve got a lump in my throat.

But your bravery and forgiveness will mean that I can be released from where I am.

He’s holding my hand. [Hannah holds out her left hand, out of the camera’s view, and looks towards George]

Please release me, Hannah… you have it in your power to release me… from the chains that weigh me down. I’ve carried these chains for the 16 years.

Christian, I do not see now. [Hannah clears her throat] I do not connect with him in Spirit… I do not need his forgiveness, I need yours. This is the way it works.

Forgiveness releases all the chains that bind you to the past, and Africa. Your relationship with Africa will change the minute my chains are released. These chains, because of my actions, hold us both here. People need to know this.

If you do something bad in life, the chains hold you in life until you’re forgiven. If you do not get forgiveness in the physical, the chains stay into Spirit. But the chains also tie those affected in the physical, to you.

This is Hannah speaking… I don’t know if you can see it, but I’m really weighed down by these [chains].

This is George: they are heavy, aren’t they, Hannah.

Yes. [Hannah deeply inhales and exhales]

Forgiveness is never easy and forgiveness doesn’t mean that what I did was ever right — I’m the one that has to live with that and I’ve had lessons to learn from that which I will take into my next life.

But you, Hannah, don’t need to carry these chains any longer. Africa should hold no fear to you. Your brother’s trip to Africa was ruined by me… and for that I’m truly sorry.

You don’t need to forgive me now, but you need to see the end for your brother [Hannah teary]. And only then will you be able to release me, if you choose.


All you have to know is that after a few days, maybe a week, I started to follow your brother, on foot, and I took a cousin with me.

Your brother didn’t know, in the physical, that I was after him, but as he’s already told you in the last few episodes, he knew ‘something’ was after him, following him. And I’m afraid to tell you that, that was me.

I’m actually disgusted with myself; I had no real excuse. But there was something about your brother that captivated me. He had been so generous with his time, money and love, with people he’d met with me around, that I somehow felt short-changed by him and aggrieved that he hadn’t shown me the same affection and love.

That was why I was so angry with him, I couldn’t [Hannah clears her throat] understand why he hadn’t shown me more money. And I was short of work at the time, so I followed him.

Your brother moved very quickly, with the donkey. He called it, Evelyn. It made me laugh that he had this relationship with a donkey called Evelyn. He was very funny like that. He would talk to Evelyn a lot.

But we saw him without Evelyn, and we know he sold Evelyn… and by that time, the relentless journeying, on his own, without me or anyone to help him, was beginning to play on his mind and on his energy. He couldn’t keep Evelyn. And, although we watched him from a distance, we could see him fade. There was no need for us to… attack, or confront, your brother because he was fading himself. We were like hyenas, stalking our prey — wounded prey.

The girl and men in Kita, who you saw already, also had taken advantage of your brother. They wanted money. They saw him weak. The girl is still there. She has your cameras. You need to find these cameras — not you, physically, but you’re being sent someone who will offer to help you. You must accept, gratefully, their help, even if you’re not sure you can trust them. You can trust them. Hannah, you — can — trust — them. You will know the one you can trust. A man… Derek.

There’s nothing more to say about him, other than his name.

I give you this information, Hannah, because I want you to regain your brother’s last moments: his photos, his film. I want you to remember him [Hannah’s emotional] in the best way possible. I don’t want you to remember him sadly, in his weakened state and his bewilderment and his alienation. I want you to remember your brother as all his family and friends knew him [Hannah’s emotional]. The pictures and film will show that.

There’s only one part, now, for you to see, and I’m afraid to say that’s the end. [Hannah’s voice breaks]

[Hannah wipes her tears away] Okay.


Han, it’s Christian. It’s up to you what you do with George. I have nothing to tell you about this. It’s up to you what you do. I’m going to leave you to make the decision [Hannah breathes sharply in], but I must take your hand and show you the end.

Hmm. There’s water.


The lady who had the dream about me (she looked after me). This is the lady who was with me when you visited me. The visions you had were real. You travelled… and that was your first experience of flying. [Hannah nods] She tended me, and looked after me.

[Hannah emotional] All the tears we shed together, and hugs, I felt them all — as you did. Know that the last moments I had on Earth, were with you. [Hannah very emotional]. You were there at the end.

The lady who looked after me — Mama Joan… [Hannah confused and touches the back of her neck with her right hand] I’ve got a real heat in my back. It’s the heat I got when I first started this journey in 2015. It’s in the middle of my back.

Mama Joan is now with me in Spirit. [Hannah wipes away tears] She came to you. She is the warmth in your back. She’s a powerful lady, only matched by yourself. [Hannah sniffs] She’s been the one guiding you all this way. [Hannah sniffs] It is now time for her to say goodbye to you; your journey has finished.

[Long pause]



[Long pause]

I don’t know what’s going on… my head’s really… Fuck, I don’t know what’s going on…

Whoa! Have I died? What have I done? Not me (Hannah), I’m still alive, obviously, but… [Hannah smiles] I’m in…

Fuck. I’m just floating free. I’m like… this must be what it feels like to be dead. It’s amazing.

[Hannah breaths out] I’m just being lifted up. It’s like I’m a rag doll [Hannah holds out her right hand and gently lifts an imaginary doll, by her back]. I’m just being lifted up like that. But free. Peaceful. Totally alive. Like bursting with life. [Hannah shudders] I can’t explain it.

When I look down, I can see… what can I see? [Hannah leans forward in her chair] What can I see? I can see where I’ve come from. Did I just die?

No. I’m being pulled back down [Hannah uses her right hand to indicate a gentle pulling down] Hang on [Hannah exhales heavily] No, I’m not. I’m back. I must have…

I don’t know if I’m Christian and coming in and out of consciousness. My knees are really hurting. They’re showing me that being in a body — painful, cold, trapped — and then the opposite when you’re out of your body, in Spirit. I think…

But there’s water. [Hannah burps] Pardon me. There’s just this water.

Ah… okay, I’m still with Mama Joan. She’s hearing voices. Hearing…

She’s stroking my forehead. She knows something’s wrong.

This must be George. Yeah. He’s coming in, like storming in. He’s like pointing at me. I’m sitting up. I’m drinking something, like herbs. I know who the man is. I know it’s George.

But the back of my head is still sore. My head is sore. I can’t think straight. He’s just standing in the light, in the doorway; the sun’s around him. He’s… I think he must just be saying that I owe him money. But I can’t do anything about it. He’s saying, “Where’s the tent? Where’s his tent?”

It’s the only thing I have left with me. I don’t have my rucksack, or anything. I just have the tent. He knows where I kept my money. I’m actually just too… he’s going to my tent, to the bag.

I don’t care at the moment. I can’t do anything and my head hurts. I need to lie down, again.


Hmm. George is here again.

I took his money, Hannah… I can just see George holding money, notes. But he’s showing it to others. There’s another… ah… money… four or five men, talking about the money.

“Have to get rid of the evidence. Boy.”

Hmm. We’re in Bamako now. I think it’s all been set in Bamako, where Christian was being looked after… somehow, in Bamako? Outside Bamako? No. No. They’re talking about Bamako, the river at Bamako.

They take him to the river at Bamako. In the water.

“He cannot fight back. No one will know. He has no one with him. He has no phone, no tracker, no GPS. No way of finding him. We must do it quickly, though, at night. Cover him with a blanket.”

Somebody’s saying that Mama Joan won’t let anyone near him. “We distract her,” says George. “We share money.”

Some of the other men aren’t sure. “It’s bad, wicked, evil — it will bring badness on our village.”



Ah… it’s George. [He’s explaining to soul Christian what they did]

That’s when my chains formed. It was my idea to put you in the water. [Hannah breathes out heavily] You don’t need to see what actually happened.

We… took Mama Joan from your side and someone gave you… something to smoke… some herbs. You’d talked about enjoying smoking herbs, so we gave you one last herb smoke.

Argh… this is Hannah speaking. I feel really sick now. Totally fucking out of my head. That’s completely filled my head with… just… knocked me out, I think.

This was the last thing that Christian felt: he was away with the fairies, that’s for sure. He wouldn’t have known a thing. [Hannah tuts] Yep. He wouldn’t have known a fucking thing.

It’s George, again.

I’m ashamed to say that we took your brother to the river at Bamako. It wasn’t far — not far, at all.

I can just see… what can I see? Just slipped into the water. Under a blanket; just released from a blanket, under the… heavy. It must be weighted down, into the river.

[Hannah sighs]

I can’t feel anything. I’ve got a headache now, but… peaceful. Didn’t feel a thing.

Ah, my knees are hurting again, though. [Hannah rubs her knees]

Ahh, I don’t know what’s happening now.

My knees really hurt.


George is just here. [Hannah looks to her left] Waiting. I suppose it’s the time I have to forgive. Of course I have to forgive. Of course I have to forgive. I don’t want to be chained to this forever. What George did was what George did. He played his part. We’ve all played our part. Can’t change anything. What he did was wrong; I can’t change that.

George, I do forgive you. What else can I say? I do.

And if we ever meet again, I’ll know you’ll be one of the good guys.


He’s right here [Hannah touches her left cheek].

What are you asking now?

He wants to move into my heart. [Hannah touches her heart space with her right hand]

That’s where I’m meant to be. That’s where I’m free — really free of these chains. You have everything in your heart and to forgive fully, I need to be in there, too.

Argh, fuck, my knees hurt. [Hannah winces and moves about in her chair] What is this pain in my knees?

Argh…[Hannah cries] that really hurts.


Will this pain stop if I release him?

Is this what’s been the knee problem?

Okay, George. [Hannah turns to her left]

[Hannah exhales deeply]


Hmm. [Hannah turns to face the front]

George has moved. He’s now… [Hannah indicates with her right hand that George has moved from beside her, into her body/heart]

[Long pause]

Thank you, Hannah. I’ll be on your side from now on. I won’t hide from you any longer. Christian’s taking me by the hand. I join him now.

[Long pause. Hannah looks up towards the ceiling]

I’m being lifted up.

That’s it — he’s gone. I don’t know how to explain it; he’s just gone up. [Hannah uses her right hand to indicate movement upwards] He’s free now.

So, that was George. [Hannah exhales deeply and leans forward in her chair]


That feels quite remarkable. [Hannah furrows her brow and looks puzzled]

I told you, Han. Once you’d seen it all, and experienced it all, it would be released. The chains have gone.

Fuck they have. [Hannah emotional] I’ve still got a pain in my knee, though.

[Long pause. Hannah wipes away her tears]


Han, you can see now why I didn’t know I was dead. The drugs they gave me [Hannah exhales deeply]… I was so weak, they knocked me out. I was, as you say, away with the fairies.

When they put me in the water, I drowned, but wasn’t conscious of it. You’ll never find a trace of me. But a body is just a body — it’s a container. You know full well by now that I live still, just in another dimension. And this is the same for everybody when they die. And that’s why it’s so important to remember that you’re a soul trapped in a body.

When there’s darkness in your life, rise up, like the eagle, and take your soul perspective, where you’re free and unburdened.

And that, my dearest Hannah, is all there is to say.


You rescued me… or should I say… you rescued Christian, aged 27, that first time we flew together in May, 2018. You brought Christian home. There’s no need for you to come to Africa on a mission, nor your family, nor any future generation. My story can all be laid to rest.

The camera and photos will come to you in good time. You don’t need to do anything. Everything has been set in motion. In fact, there’s more than you could ever imagine been set in motion by you doing these films.

I can’t believe… actually I can, because I know now what I didn’t know in the physical is that you… [Hannah smiles] Hannah’s really resisting this. Do I have to say on camera? Not if you don’t want to. Labels aren’t important, but Hannah’s powers are… without question… impressive. And our story is now finished. [Hannah still wincing in pain, holding her left knee]


Next session will be the final part to the travels and will pull together the major themes and ideas and universal truths. There is nothing left in Africa for Hannah, apart from the cameras, but they will come. No chords are left. All stones have been turned over. All truths revealed.

This is the end of the 16 years [Hannah gulps down tears] and I think you should open that bottle of bubbles tonight with your husband and lovely children. [Hannah nods in agreement] And I raise a toast to all my friends and family, wherever you are.

The truth sets us free.

The truth sets us free.

The truth sets us free.

See you all next… whenever we decide Hannah’s ready, and whenever she decides she’s ready. We do work together, it is a team effort! Although we’ve led Hannah along, the whole way, she’s had free will. She’s rested when she’s needed to. Nothing has been forced onto her, to do. Everything happens at the right time and when you’re ready for it to happen.

God bless you all.


Do we need to fly back, or am I here already?

Okay, let’s fly. [Hannah sits back in her chair]

Bye, Africa.

[Hannah sighs several times]

Okay… I can open my eyes now.

[Hannah slowly opens her eyes, blinks, inhales deeply, and looks about her for a while]

[Hannah clears her throat] Don’t be expecting any long speeches, now! [Hannah laughs and takes a glug of tea].

Um. Do you know what I feel like…? [Hannah opens her eyes wide] Free. I don’t have to do that again. Or I don’t have to travel there again. I don’t have to have anything to do with this, ever again. It’s all free. Bloody hell.

Argh. Yeah, I don’t know what to say. Um. [Hannah shakes her head, bewildered]

Um. I’m going to have to watch this back and transcribe it, but… yeah, there’s nothing I can say. Gosh!

I said at the beginning of the film that there were lots of spirits around me, when I started. There’s none any more. [Hannah looking about her]

So, it would appear the next session — I feel so light; I don’t feel tired — the next session will be… whatever we’ve learnt from all of this, I should imagine.

But anyway, lots of love and I’ll see you when I see you next… which won’t be very long, because I want to try and finish all these off and get them done.

Thank you very much for watching. Thank you for being by my side. Lots of love [Hannah blows a kiss].


Spiritual Grief Healer, Writer & Speaker. Working with my brother-in-Spirit, Christian, to inspire and empower grievers to fly free. www.hannahvelten.online

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