#7 Travelling with Christian in Africa — Part 4 (lessons learnt & next steps)

Copyright: Jane King

The following is the fourth transcript — the lessons learnt — following the end of the journey that siblings, Hannah and Christian (in Spirit), took back to Mali, Africa, to trace Christian’s final steps.

It is also the seventh in a series of transcripts taken from Facebook live videos between Hannah Velten, writer and Spirit Messenger, and her dead brother, Christian. The videos are recorded at https://www.facebook.com/searchforchrisvelten/

This transcription is taken from the video recorded on 17th January 2019 at 11am (GMT)

All live videos in the series, audio versions and transcriptions are available via Hannah’s website: www.hannahvelten.online/loss-is-an-illusion

All text in bold is Spirt, speaking. Normal text is Hannah, speaking. The transcripts have been slightly edited in Hannah’s parts, to aid clarity — no words from Spirit have been altered.


Good morning, everybody. [Hannah’s bright this morning]

Hope everyone’s well.

Thank you for joining me, or us, on our last travels together. I’m being told this session is going to be much more gentle than the others… which [Hannah laughs] is a bloomin’ good thing!

So, it just remains for us to finish off the story. There’s not much I have to say now. All previous episodes are done and there’s not much more to say on that, so it’s just going to be lessons learnt and a summary. It’s going to be a lot more gentle. I’m not sure if we’re going to be travelling anywhere; we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

My voice is already starting to go, so I’m definitely sure Christian’s already about.

I’ve lit candles for Spirit and for you, community, whoever’s watching. I’m just going to light the candle for myself. [Hannah lights a tea light in a pink quartz holder]

I think I’m just going to get straight into it. I can’t feel any presences around. The last video I did; I definitely felt people/spirits buzzing around me and their story came through. But this one feels a lot quieter and gentler.

I’m just going to, as usual, have a few glugs of tea [Hannah takes several glugs of tea].

I have to say that since I released the trauma, I’ve slept really, really well. I haven’t slept well since August last year, so it’s been really nice [Hannah laughs] to wake up with the alarm, and not wake up in the middle of the night all the time. But I guess everything’s been released and the story’s been told.

Okay. I’m just going to get on with it and see who’s there and see what they have to say…

As always, if my eyes are closed then it’s Spirit speaking.

I’ll see you on the other side.

[Hannah sits back in her chair and takes several deep breaths]



Good morning, everybody. It’s Christian here — ‘soul Christian’. Christian who’s free from all boundaries, all chains, floating free to be wherever I want to be. Visiting friends, saying ‘hello’ to people I’ve never met before.

I’m working with Hannah, even though she’s unaware of it in the physical. ‘Soul Hannah’ and I visit lots of people: we touch their lives, give a little poke in the right direction, say a few calming words and then disappear — poof! [Hannah explodes her right hand fingers out and moves her hand to the right, in a downward arc] We’ve been doing this for a long time — eons, actually. So, if you get a visit from either of us, believe it and act on it. The truth will always set you free. [Aside: Hannah knows this to be true after one friend told her, recently, she’d talked to him in the night, to tell him to stop worrying unnecessarily about a work issue]

This is Hannah speaking… my throat has tightened up and I’ve got a… it’s not a pain, it’s just a feeling in the back of my head, here, at the top, back of my head [Hannah indicates the areas with her left hand]

[Hannah flexes her fingers] My hands are tingling. There’s lots of energy here.

It’s like the curtain call at the theatre — when the actors give their final bow. I have someone on my left and someone on my right, holding my hands. It’s like we’re bowing. There’s lots of us: like a theatre storytelling company.

[This is another voice — not Christian’s] You’ve hit the nail on the head, Hannah. That is essentially what we’ve all been doing, here with you. You’re like the lead storyteller, the lead actor. And we’ve all been supporting you, giving you the story to tell and to finish.

The story is now nearly at an end. The only puzzle piece left are the camera… chips… cards. [Hannah uses her right hand to make the shape of the cards]. About the camera cards — they’re going to come to you… This is Hannah speaking. I can see an eye in my inner vision. You can view the contents of these cards. This’ll be the final proof that others might need to believe you.

There’ll always be others who don’t believe you, and the story we’ve told. But that’s up to them. You can’t fix that. You’ve done everything in your power to show the truth — the unpalatable truth for some — that loss is just an illusion. You can speak across time and space with Spirit. It’s an ability everyone has, but it scares many people.

I’m having the blanket that’s on my lap (which we mention in the ebook) and I’m feeling it being put around my shoulders. [Hannah acts this out] I can see a cross in front of my inner vision, which I see a lot. It’s always lying down on its right side, and then it comes upright. [Hannah uses her arms to make the cross shape and the cross’ movement].

To rebirth on Earth, this way, you’ve been beyond brave to do this in public. But your persistence and ultimate willing to find your brother’s truth and story will act like a beacon of hope and inspiration for many who’re in the depths.

The story you and your brother have told [Hannah clears her throat] will teach, by design, the lessons of truth, faith and love through adversity and beyond. Growth and healing after loss is possible and your story proves this.

The story contains many universal truths, which Hannah, darling girl, you M-U-S-T spread. There’s no point in having done all this work, and been through all these trials, without spreading the messages contained in your story with Christian. It would be a complete travesty if you now rested on your laurels and did nothing with this story.

Hm. I can just see myself typing. You must write. You started the correct story in August and you now have all the information and story to finish the book. We’re sending you PR and agent, and many plane journeys (REAL plane journeys!) are to follow. Your body and being will be able to cope with all the travel and things asked of you. But know that you have your theatre company right behind you. They’re never going to leave you alone on the stage, and many surprise guests will join you from near and far. Don’t forget to enjoy every second; you thoroughly deserve this time in the limelight for all you’ve done and for all those you’ve helped along the way.

You don’t actually realise (I can feel a real heat all over my head now) what these films have meant for people, and will mean for people. Iconic… is all we can say now. But, dearest Hannah, you S-T-I-L-L can’t see what’s ahead of you.

You’re not one for the limelight. I’m just seeing a theatre light, one beam, on the theatre stage. You have to step into that — you M-U-S-T. You’ll be doing God’s work. And he has some things to say to you all now.


Okay — I presume next is God. [Hannah clears her throat]


Easy. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. [Hannah smiles] Just walk, with me, into that light. There’s nothing to it.

When you sat in church all those months ago, crying and telling me that you would never believe in me if I didn’t bring Christian home [Hannah gets emotional], I promised you then that I would.

We walked out of the church together, arm in arm. I said I’d always be at your side. And even though I didn’t deliver Christian to you alive, in the physical, I think you’ll agree you now have an even more amazing relationship with your brother than you ever thought possible.

Often the things we chase after, run after, grasp for, believing them to be our desires — our heart’s desires — they are not actually part of the story which you will follow in life. Often what you believe you want is not for you. What will actually be best for you is something you cannot yet see.

This is Hannah speaking… I feel like I’m rising up on a solid platform. Being held. Lifted up. You just have to trust that you are always supported and held. But you first, to move forward, have to let things fall away. You can’t fill a full space. You have to release, to rise. And that’s essentially your story, Hannah.

The day your son [Hannah nods] came home with that book of refugees [The Journey by Francesca Sanna], for you to read to him, the day you had Christian’s belt rolled into a circle, the day you held the rock in your hands, the day you bought the shelving… all of those elements came together and you and your son sat, read the book, cried and released your control over the situation.

You could not control the situation, however hard you tried. You’d reached the end of the road. You had tried every which way to find him, but you gave control to me — FINALLY. That was the real catalyst for you finding Christian. It wasn’t how you expected to find him, but I always promised you I’d help you find him.


I don’t want you to step into the limelight all jazz hands and razzmatazz, because that’s not you, and it’s never been you. All you can be is yourself. Tell your story quietly and clearly. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should tell the story. Regain full control over how you are in front of the audience. You have my… permission… to bat away, repel, any one who sees you as a money-making opportunity. You’ve already met one or two of those along the path [Hannah raises her eyebrows in recognition], but you can recognise them now.

This has not been easy for you, personally. [Hannah on the verge of tears] You feel those closest to you don’t know what you’re going through, or experiencing. You don’t feel you have their support. You don’t even believe… they love you, to some degree. But that will all be swept away when you step into that light. You have to let them see who you really are, and what you’ve been up to. You have to remember that the truth can set you free — as you’ve already seen with Christian. I’ll say no more about that. But just trust that they will all come back to you. Even the one that really is closed in his mind [Hannah indicates her head]. He’s very low, but you can rise [sic] him up. [Hannah sniffs]

Anyway, I’m telling you this in public so that people will see it’s been an incredibly hard journey for you to keep on the path when it would have been quite easy to fall away. I can just see hands pulling me down.

“Get off that path.”

“Don’t step into that spotlight.”

“Keep yourself small.”

“Keep yourself quiet.”

It was very tempting to just retrain as a plumber [Hannah smiles] and not follow your true path. But FUCK IT. You put on your maroon robe and strided [sic] out, knowing that the path would always hold you. That you would always be supported.


That path was first covered in dust, you couldn’t see it clearly, but, as you’ve walked along and swept the path to see the truth, you can see it all very clearly and it leads to the spotlight. You have to stand in that spotlight… and this is for everybody.

Without knowing it, you’ve become the ‘Poster Girl’ for striding forward, letting chains fall from you through understanding and forgiveness. And sometimes dragging yourself along the floor, fingernails by fingernails, clawing your way to stay on the path. You’ve rested when you’ve needed to. I’m seeing Christian now, in Kita, under the tree where he had to rest. You both rested when you needed to. But you’ve always kept going. Christian kept going with the knowledge that you, Hannah, were with him.

I can feel my heart, my body, getting stronger. He knew that you, his sister, was in his body, in his heart, in his head — even though you were alive in the physical, you could still be a part of his life, from afar. This is really important for other people who are missing people. Even if you are alive you can still be in other people’s heart, far away. They will know you are there.

There’s a lot in my head — I have to focus on my head.

If you sit quietly and let that person fill your head, speak to them. I’m hearing a gospel song. Speak to them in a clear voice. Reaching through the pain and sorrow. Hear me when I cry. Speak to me… in a small voice.

You can do this with people who are still in the physical, and people who are in Spirit. My body is still here, but all the energy is in my head and my heart [Hannah points to these areas on her body]. This connection you have with others, even if you are alone sitting by yourself, you have this ability (everybody does). Speak to me in a small voice. Clearing all the pain and sorrow. Clearing all the pain and sorrow. It’s really important to clear all the pain and sorrow. Let these feelings and emotions rise up. Tears, cry them. Release them. And then they go. Then you have a clear channel from your heart, through your head space, through the crown, up to Spirit. [Hannah indicates this movement of energy through her body]

I can see a magpie, which means, to me, looking out for signs. Anything that appears sparkly or interesting. Pick it up, look at it. It might be feathers, colours, noises, feelings, bodily feelings, numbers, songs, performances (like plays, films, books, radio), Nature.

I can see a cross, again. You need to be reborn as a child: wonder. Look at life with wonder.

Grieving keeps you chained, to the spot. It keeps you from moving forward. The path that Hannah’s described is there, ahead of you, but hidden. Those in Spirit look down and wish that you would lose the chains. They want you to release the chains of grief and heaviness and loss, and connect with them to the path ahead. They can show you the path ahead and help you sweep and discover the path. Walk into the light, again.

They’d much prefer to see you in the light, than sitting in the dark. Nobody should stay in the dark. It’s a waste of a life. What do you learn from sitting in the dark? The lesson is not to sit in the dark, alone, scared, disconnected from everybody.

This is Hannah… I’m in a dark box. I can’t see a way out. My head’s heavy. This is not the state you should be in.

Okay. So I was very aware of Spirit up here [Hannah indicates above her head] but now I’m in the box, or I’m on the ground but it’s light now and there’s lots of people around, helping me, offering me their hands. Beckoning. The people I can see in front of me are connected to people in Spirit by a cord. And actually there are lots in Spirit and they are each connected, somehow, to one of the people in front of me.

So, the people who reached out to you (to help), they’re all connected to someone in Spirit who’s helping you.

I can just see myself now, as one of the people reaching out to help others.

You need to work with others to create beauty, and light, and love.

I can see a dark, shrivelled heart in me. But through those connections you make with people, the heart turns red and is pumping. [Hannah does all the actions to show this]

I can see the cross, again, which is rebirth, reborn.

It’s okay to move forward in life, and leave your grief behind. The way forward is where your spirit wants you to go. They are ahead of you, there, waiting for you there. They want you to come out of your darkness. It hurts them to see you there in your darkness. Be the magpie. See the signs. Take hold of the hands being offered to you. [Hannah reaches out to the hands in front of her] Move into your light.

The light is where you should be. Where your true self, worth and being is.

If everybody in the world stood in their light, there would be no divisions, there would be no greed, no barriers between people.

I can see the light in the middle [Hannah indicating a column of light] and we’re all around it in a circle — in darkness. All the paths lead into this one light in the middle; like the spokes on a bicycle. The middle is the ideal place to be, our true being, where we are all one. That’s our oneness. If we were all there in that one place, there would be no division between anybody any more. That’s the ideal place, where we should all be. We weren’t put on this Earth to be all on the outside, separated, in the dark.

Hannah’s walked this path and she’s standing just outside the light. She needs to step into it, so others can see and hear these messages.

I’m standing in the light now and I’m beckoning everybody around me to join me. [Hannah beckons with her hand to all those around her]


The path Hannah and Christian have walked together, when the story is told all together [Hannah brings both hands together to show a sphere], there are many lessons in there. They don’t actually need to be spelt out. You just need to tell the story, Hannah. The ancient art of storytelling. People will hear it on different levels; different things will speak to them. Just tell your story clearly and freely, without giving in to others’ demands of how the story should be told.

The previous three films are perfect. No words should be changed in them. People will listen to the story, or read the story, and it will touch them in different ways: make them think about their own situation, their own lives, their own relationships, what’s possible and where their future lies.

You’ll bring many people into the light with you. The people who refuse all your beckoning — it’s okay for them to stay in the dark. It’s up to them. You can’t change them. They will either come in their own time, rushing to catch up with everybody else, or they will sit down [Hannah laughs as she sees the image] like a child with crossed legs and crossed arms and a grumpy face… it’s not their time to move. They are childlike with bolshy, closed off, rather than a child who sees wonder around them and moves into the light.

People in the darkness is not your responsibility, Hannah: NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Leave them there. All you can do is beckon with your story, by showing the path you’ve been on.

Christian’s here [Hannah indicates to her left]. You and Christian will do this work together. Stand proud and tall. Lean on each other when you need to. He’ll always be there: he won’t desert you — never again. I’m being shown the black and white photo of us leaning against each other, propping each other up.

He’ll appear with you every time you’re on stage, every time you go into the limelight. You share the limelight together. This is your story.


So what did Christian learn?

Christian’s now moved into me, so what I say next will be Christian [Hannah indicates Christian’s movement into her body]

Okay. What haven’t I learnt? [Hannah laughs] Urgh, the lessons. I know everybody likes lists and points, so I’m going to give you my top points. It might be five, I’m not sure yet. [Hannah smiles]

#1 Follow your dreams, but be prepared for the road to be rocky.

#2 You can’t control everything. However much you plan for things, you’ll always be knocked off course. [Hannah sideswipes with her fists]

#3 Build yourself up, inside. If you’re strong inside, and happy in yourself, all the knocks might tip you, but you’ll always be able to get back on your course. This is the first lesson that Hannah learnt, or one of them.

#4 Trust your instincts. Trust your gut-feeling. Don’t listen to others. [Hannah does a ‘blah, blah’ signal with her right hand] Don’t be swayed by others. If I’d listened to others I’d never had made this journey to Africa.

#5 This journey to Africa was my path. I travelled it. I was helped by all sorts of people along the way. Towards the end, it was Grandmother, Mama Joan and Hannah. The help was always there to pull me forward; I just had to believe in it and trust it.

#6 Hmm. Love the children. Keep them in wonder. Keep them innocent. They teach us the world as it should be. They’re all in the light to begin with, then they find themselves on the rim of the wheel when adults pull them, and guide them. [Hannah indicates pulling the children towards her] Let them stay in the light.

#7 I can’t quite feel what this is… it’s like a releasing. I feel very free. Be free. Be the eagle, rise up. We’ve talked about it before. What would your soul self do and say and be? [Hannah raises her right hand from low to high] If you need guidance, be the eagle. Your soul self knows where you should be going.

#8 I can just see this big heart in front of me. Kerpow. [Hannah indicates a heart blowing apart with her hands] Love is all you need. Love knows no bounds, knows no boundaries, is unconditional, mends broken things, finds lost things and is the calming balm that’s needed in this world, at this moment. If everyone could live with a little more understanding and empathy for others, and self love, and extend that to the animals, Nature and the environment, there would be more harmony reigning in the world, and it wouldn’t be as fucked up as it is (excuse my language).

#9 The man in sunglasses, ‘George’, who ultimately killed me, is now with me in Spirit. We’re side by side. Forgiveness that was given by Hannah to ‘George’ has released all the chains in the past, and allowed Hannah to be free of them and to step forward into the light. My head’s really full of crappy, negative thoughts and it’s all linked to these chains holding me down. [Hannah indicates down to the chains to her left] Changing the thoughts, airing the thoughts, exploring the thoughts you have, cutting the chains, understanding where the chains come from and why they exist, allows them to be released. Forgiveness moves mountains in yourself. It’s not easy; it’s not meant to be easy. But it allows you to clear your thoughts and focus on your proper path into the light.

#10 Hiding away from feelings or trying to block them out doesn’t allow you to walk along the path. You’ll be pulled by the chains all the time. And they’ll keep you falling off the path.

#11 Truth will set you free. It’s easy to hide from the truth. But it’s not something I recommend. It’s much better to be able to see, in clear focus, the obstacles and reality of your situation. I learnt that in Africa. My eyes were opened to so many truths about myself, about spiritual matters. (I can see the cross, again) I had many epiphanies in Africa. I learnt many lessons in Africa, which I’ll carry through into my next life.

#12 Next life… we all have multiple lives and each life we grow and learn lessons as we evolve and rise. [Hannah raises her right hand towards the ceiling] Difficulties in life are there to be learnt from. They’re opportunities for growth.

#13 I can just see a horizon — scanning the horizon. [Hannah moves her head from side to side] There’s no point in worrying about the future and continually scanning the horizon for dangers. Here and now is what matters. Deal with what you have right in front of you. When you reach that horizon, you’ll find that most often what you worried about is not there. Concentrate on now. [Hannah pulls her right hand down in front of her] What you have now.

#14 I’m eating. Eat the plants. [Hannah laughs] Eat the plants, not the animals. Eat the vegetables and grains, not the animals. When Hannah’s finished with me, she’s going to work with the animals, as she’s done for a long time previously. Alongside the children, the animals have so much to teach us and generally we disregard the animals. The way they live, especially the insects, have lessons for all of us. [Hannah looks mildly surprised]

#15 Even if the day looks dark, the day will always end. The night time will restore and the day break will bring renewal. The trials will always end at some point, and rebirth is always, always available to you and those around you.

#16 The way you live your life and the energy you put out will always be reflected back to you. I don’t need to say any more on that, but just think about the energy you send out into the world.

[Hannah takes a deep breath]

16 years and 16 lessons.

[Hannah sniffs] I feel very emotional (and Hannah you haven’t got any tissues) but I just want to say, as we close these travels together, I’m immensely proud of you my sister — ma big sista. [Hannah sniffing] And I know how desperately hard it’s been for you without me in the physical. [Hannah’s voice breaking] But now we move on together side-by-side, supporting each other. Into the light we march, side-by-side. God on the other. [Hannah keeps wiping away tears with her hand] No harm will come to you, nor your lovely family, and I’ll keep touching your life and those of the family, and friends, for ever and ever, until we rebirth together. I’m always by your side.


Now you just need to write the story and stand in the light and beckon to people. The path is already there, you just need to be the magpie and follow the outstretched hands, creating the links with others.

And that last question you had… about the rescue… I did attach myself to ‘George’ and I gave him a hell of a time. [Hannah reacts knowingly] For anyone contemplating doing something bad, don’t do it [Hannah laughs]. There’s always another way. There’s always a hand stretched out to you.

But do you know what? The greatest friend you’ll ever have is yourself. Self love is the key that unlocks the path to the light.

There doesn’t need to be anything else said, Hannah. These sessions are now at a close. You’ll look back on these sessions and wonder how they happened and how the words came out of your mouth, but they did. And this whole experience has been incredible. And all the words we’ve said together will be the basis for your book. If you look back at the words, they all make sense. All the details make sense. The storytelling, the crafting of the story — all make sense. It’s a very clear message. You just need to tell the message with clarity, humility and love for all.

Kerpow [Hannah’s hands exploding outwards from a ball]

And that, my dear sister, is all there is to say.


I can just see a small black dot in front of my vision.

I'm getting... everybody's giving me acknowledgement and then they're floating away, disappearing.

Okay. I can open my eyes now. That's the end - truly the end.


[Hannah slowly opens her eyes, looks about and blinks repeatedly]

Hm. Well that was all calm and nice. Hm.

I don't think there's anything else I need to say. [Hannah shakes her head]

So I'm going to love you and leave you, and let that all settle, and see what happens next.

I hope these films have been helpful for you.

Yeah. Nothing else to say.

[Hannah blows a kiss and waves] Lots of love.

Bye bye.

Spiritual Grief Healer, Writer & Speaker. Working with my brother-in-Spirit, Christian, to inspire and empower grievers to fly free. www.hannahvelten.online

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