I received my ‘Letter of a Lifetime’ from my ‘dead’ brother, Chris. It led to me regaining a purpose in life and embracing the life I now, unexpectedly, have — that of ‘The Finder of Lost Things’: Spirit Messenger and Alchemist of Grief.

My letter provided me with comfort, direction…

This is a question I asked myself repeatedly, as I uncovered layer after layer of pain and fear. So many times I wanted to throw in the towel and become a plumber — opt for an easier life. A life where I wasn’t pulled towards unearthing yet more uncomfortable truths.

“I’ve been abandoned!”

I denied my grief for 15 years. My brother, Christian, had disappeared in Africa, while travelling alone in 2003 — he wasn’t dead. He was still alive, just having problems that meant he couldn’t or didn’t want to return home. That’s what I told myself.

Part of me knew, though…

Hannah Velten

Spiritual Grief Healer, Writer & Speaker. Working with my brother-in-Spirit, Christian, to inspire and empower grievers to fly free. www.hannahvelten.online

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