Have you received your WAKE-UP call from Spirit? It’s time to use your wings.

Hannah Velten
8 min readOct 12, 2022

Contemplating what I needed to write today, and my phone alarm sounded — ‘WAKE-UP!’ said Spirit. I received my wake-up from Spirit in a rather more gentle and cumulative way, until I knew I needed to find a Spirit Medium to make that connection and see what the heat in my back meant.

I should explain: 12 years after Chris, my brother, went missing in Mali, Africa, I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror when I felt a warmth in the middle of my back. I looked all around for the source, but saw and felt nothing. The sensation was coming from within me and it felt like someone or something touching my skin. It was comforting, like a warm hand print.

In the lead up to this experience, I’d had several other odd physical symptoms: an inability to swallow properly — it felt like I had a blockage that was stopping me from speaking — and the left half of my body had suddenly and shockingly turned ice cold while I was driving to meet a new memoir client (I was a ghostwriter at the time).

I’d always been fascinated by our mum’s zodiac/astrology textbooks when she did a course in our childhood and as a student my eyes were glued to the screen whenever the TV psychic medium, Colin Fry came on (I’ve just found out that he died around the time I was awakening). Something about this world of spirits felt very familiar to me, but I kept it very much at arm’s length: the first time I met a spiritualist (actually a memoir client) I was extremely wary and nervous in her company. The thought of ghosts and energies I couldn’t see wandering close to me made me very uncomfortable.

Funny to think that now I live quite happily with their daily presence, but it’s been quite the journey [I have always said I don’t want to see energies, but I feel their presence].

That final touch from Spirit, while I was in front of the mirror, was actually the WAKE-UP that I needed. I had this inner knowing that I would find my brother, even when all searches had failed long ago and Chris’ name had all but disappeared from everyone’s lips. When I had my children, none of my new mummy friends knew anything about Chris’ existance or disappearance — of course, my brother was on my mind every day, but after 12 years he’d become a comfortable ghost.

That was destined to change. He was not comfortable. He was lost. He was confused. He was full of anger. He was full of grief. He was full of guilt. He was full of shame. He was not free. He was longing to return home. He needed my help.

If I’m honest, I could always feel him. We were energetically connected. Of course, I knew he was an Earth-bound ghost. I was feeling the same. But I had a young family, a young dog and I was writing when I had any down-time. Life was full and there was no time for stillness and connecting in with these feelings which were bubbling underneath the surface. Like seeing something flit through your peripheral vision, it was something I noticed but didn’t allow into my full view.

I chose the Psychic Medium to call based on his website. It was invitingly clear — white space, photos and clear sentences — rather than the usual chaotic mix of black backgrounds, flashing images, poor graphics and typography. I filled in the enquiry form and waited.

Without going into details, this relationship gradually grew in intensity; worrying all those close to me. And as I was drawn further into the world of the unseen, I became more aware of my own gifts and abilities as a medium. It also became obvious that I had to disentangle my energy from this professional medium and explore my own direct connection with Chris, a grandmother figure guide and my grandfather (who always sat in on sessions with the medium and continually showed his disapproval).

I need to say that at the time — 2015–2018 — Chris thought he was alive and coming home — we believed we were ‘speaking’ to each other through telepathy and writing, and the grandmother guide was helping me to astral travel (lucid dream) to Chris’ bedside where he seemed to be moving in and out of consciousness. We were able to hug; to truly feel each other’s bodies. Later, I even followed his progress across Europe as he told me he was returning to the UK.

However, without my conscious knowing, all along I was becoming the Spirit Medium that Chris needed me to be. The warmth in my back intensified. Something was waking up within me. Something I remembered. Something ancient. It wasn’t until I was writing in my journal (I recorded my whole awakening) that an image and words came through which I had to draw.

It’s not clear in the sketch, but those people are sitting sadly on the perch within a cage, their wings folded up behind them. The heat in my back were my wings — I was remembering I had them. It was time to rise up. I needed to release the fear. And I was going to bring Chris with me.

The rising I refer to — and why the online community that Chris and I host is called RAISE — is to do with the releasing of heavy energy which keeps us stagnant, trapped and in darkness: grief, fear, shame, guilt (to name a few).

Chris and myself were both ghosts of ourselves. Both had experienced a death in life. Both waiting for ourselves to WAKE-UP and realise we could release ourselves from the cage. Which we did.

I received my wings during a meditation — they were huge Golden Eagle wings — and I sat there flapping them and getting used to the weight and energy they contained. I rose slowly off the ground and, gaining confidence, was soon gliding over dry-warm mountains and hearing the call of other eagles but not being able to identify where they were. My throat was blocked — I couldn’t reply to their calls. I could only shed tears of frustration.

It wasn’t until several months later, and more (unconscious) mediumship development on my side, that I was finally reunited with Chris in his Golden Eagle form and we slammed into each other (as though hugging) and flew loop-the-loops in great joy. We had been reunited on a soul / Spirit level. It wouldn’t be long until we learnt Chris was actually dead. By then, on 1st May 2018 (15 years after he’d gone missing), I was ready to hear the truth of his death and also, crucially, I was ready to help him recover what he’d lost so he could ascend, releasing his Earthly chains.

{It’s important to note that when Chris ascended, I didn’t lose connection with him, nor did I feel bereft. We now work together…!}

Being a ‘Spirit Medium’ is a label I’ve resisted for so long. It’s not got great connotations in the West, has it. But this is who I am. Really. Being a Spirit Medium is not something I discovered, I remembered. Perhaps you are hearing the WAKE-UP call to remember you are the same as me: here to be the bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds. To remember you have wings, and to use them.

Have a think:

do you have a soulmate in Spirit, or a sibling, a grandparent you maybe never met but feel connected to? Have they come to the fore of your mind recently?

have you been having dreams, experiencing unusual feelings in your body, things in your peripheral vision?

have you / had you a fascination with mediums, the afterlife, esoterica, from a distance?

have you been seeing owls, birds of prey, rooks/ravens/blackbirds/crows (black birds, essentially) on a regular basis?

have you recently been subtly introduced to people who connect with the non-physical realm? (and that includes me!)

Chris and myself — we work as a sibling team — have been called to start a revolution… to be the leaders, sharing our story and our ‘RAISE Pathway’ (the steps we followed) with those who are hearing the WAKE-UP call to become who they truly are: the Spirit Mediums, the shamans, the family healers. You are needed. Spirit is calling you. It will release you, too!

Chris was calling me. And I was calling myself. Together, we freed ourselves and regained the use of our wings.

Are you caged in grief, feeling lost and with the knowledge there is unfinished business you need to attend to?

Only yesterday I worked 1–2–1 with a lady who Chris and myself had met when we were teenagers. Her soulmate-in-Spirit has been calling her for many years and she’d finally made the move to contact us. She is the healer. She has been able, with our support, to release grief/trauma/stagnancy from her paternal ancestry (we saw them all rise up as birds) and she and her soulmate are rebirthing into a new way of being — similar to Chris and myself.

Mediumship should be all about this releasing of grief/trauma/pain — not just passing on loving messages. At its deepest level, where we have been*, it’s about finding missing pieces, righting wrongs, breaking patterns, finding completion (yes, it’s possible) and releasing past and future generations from energetic cages.

It is MASSIVE and completely necessary work; you only need to look at the state of humanity — disconnected, experiencing a grief pandemic, wars, record levels of mental health issues in children (the greatest indication of humanity living in fear/grief/trauma) and destruction of Nature.

And what’s perhaps the greatest indication that you are a Spirit Medium being called into action? If you’ve been to a Spirit Mediumship evening, didn’t receive a message and are frustrated/annoyed/disappointed. It’s time for you to BE THE SPIRIT MEDIUM you truly are: have the direct connection you are yearning for.

Who are you being called to help? What is your mission?

Are you here to heal your family / your ancestors?

Are you here to help release your loved ones from their Earthly chains?

If so, you can join Chris and myself, within our RAISE community and be the SPIRIT MEDIUM you came here to be.

Remember, and use, your wings!

[You can watch our full story — including our trance mediumship sessions, where Chris and myself returned to Africa to retrace his final steps (recorded live on Facebook) via our YouTube channel: the playlist = ‘The Finder of Lost Things’ (2018–2020)’]



Hannah Velten

Spirit / Rescue Medium. Releasing stuck spirits, with my brother-in-spirit, Christian, at theraiselighthouse.org