Have you received your WAKE-UP call from Spirit? It’s time to use your wings.

Are you caged in grief, feeling lost and with the knowledge there is unfinished business you need to attend to?

Only yesterday I worked 1–2–1 with a lady who Chris and myself had met when we were teenagers. Her soulmate-in-Spirit has been calling her for many years and she’d finally made the move to contact us. She is the healer. She has been able, with our support, to release grief/trauma/stagnancy from her paternal ancestry (we saw them all rise up as birds) and she and her soulmate are rebirthing into a new way of being — similar to Chris and myself.

Remember, and use, your wings!

[You can watch our full story — including our trance mediumship sessions, where Chris and myself returned to Africa to retrace his final steps (recorded live on Facebook) via our YouTube channel: the playlist = ‘The Finder of Lost Things’ (2018–2020)’]



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Hannah Velten

Hannah Velten


Spirit Medium, Writer & Speaker. Works with brother-in-Spirit, Chris, to support healers of their family tree to release ancestors from grief, trauma and shame.