Love Resurrection: The Purpose of A Rescue Medium

Hannah Velten
11 min readJan 6, 2023

“It sounds like you’re a rescue medium,” said the comment on one of our YouTube films. I Googled the term; much like I had the name ‘Hedgewitch’ which Spirit had given me a few years ago.

And after doing some follow up reading and connecting with our guides (over the past 17 days!), I now totally understand, accept and embrace this role as it completely makes sense of what’s happened between Chris and myself and between myself and clients/their loved ones, and also with the large numbers of spirits who have ‘knocked’ on my energetic door!

The following blog is the beginning of my/our next journey… I am remembering as I go along.

So, what is a rescue medium?

According to Amy Major, an author and rescue medium, we are the rarest form of mediums. “Rescue mediums specialise in communicating with earthbound spirits, counselling them regarding their issues, and guiding them through and aiding in their transition.” We don’t focus on the ascended.

It’s quite a leap for me to step publicly into this role as even a few months ago I told one of my mentors that I wouldn’t, or couldn’t, label myself as a medium. But I obviously hadn’t found the right term, as ‘rescue medium’ fits me perfectly.

[Though in RAISE, our online community, we use the term of ‘Rebirther’.]

I want you to be under no illusions, we rescue mediums don’t work alone. I have had so many incredible spirit guides over the years, all who have supported me in remembering my abilities and my role. They have included Source/God, archangels, ascendant masters, ancient gods and goddesses, animal spirits, elementals, ancestors and personal guides — today, Chris and myself work with a core team. It would be impossible, and unsafe, to do rescue work alone.

What is an earthbound spirit?

Every person keeps their spirit guide as they transition to spirit, but, as in life, spirits retain their free-will, and if spirits don’t want to rise, they won’t, or maybe they just can’t without help (see next section for more detail).

From the hundreds of spirits we’ve interacted with, there are clear themes which cause them to stay in the lower vibration of the Earth realm, rather than rise into the astral realm and these are related to:

  • the way they physically died:
  • the suddenness of their death,
  • the situation they left behind,
  • their beliefs about life after death,
  • the continuing bond / attachments they have with those in the physical,
  • their willingness to accept their physical death; and/or the acceptance of their loved ones to their death.

Types of earthbound-ness

I do feel there are levels of earthbound-ness (is that a word?) with some spirits more earthbound than others, because they are weighted down more with physical attachments and heavier / trapped emotions. I’m going to use Chris’ example to show you the reasons why spirits stay earthbound, because his was such an extremely complex experience that it contained every type of earthbound-ness that I’ve subsequently found with other spirits. I need to stress that the majority of spirits will be much, much ‘lighter’ than Chris was and will have far fewer layers / chains to release.

The Lost / Confused: they are unaware of their death, not in pain or acute distress, but have a restlessness about them and seem to be wandering and/or searching for ‘home’. Their bodies may not have found a place to rest in peace.

The Waiting: yes, they are in limbo just waiting for you to notice their continued presence, or raise your vibration long enough for them to connect with you and begin the real work of healing. Sometimes it is actually a past life energy of yours waiting for you to release it. In Chris’ case, he and I had a soul contract to fulfil: we are soulmates: I would be the one to release him, not his guide(s).

The Holder of Important Information: some truth(s) they wish to impart will help others find freedom from guilt, shame, grief, persecution, etc., or their perspective will solve a mystery / unsolved crime / family secret. They may also energetically hold important objects which need collecting.

The Disbelievers: they didn’t believe in life after death, and they still don’t, although with intervention they can experience a transformation.

The Obsessed: they have worked so hard for something in their lives and death won’t stop them from carrying on, or they have addictions that need to be kept fed. They will try to seek out those who will continue their work / legacy / journey. I know where my ‘obsessive’ need to keep adventuring comes from!

The Angry: they often have ‘unfinished business’ which needs completing, or there’s a sense of injustice at they way they died. The rage I felt early in our healing was our combined rage.

The Forgiveness-Seekers: those who died at their own hands, or who have plenty of apologies they wish to pass on, or those seeking forgiveness for acts done in their physical life to others. I have to add here that not every spirit who has taken their own life seeks forgiveness: but they all seem to want to explain their decisions so others understand.

The Grieving: for example, those who were killed by others, or by sudden incidents that cut their life short, or who never got the chance to say goodbye properly.

The Unnamed: these spirits feel unloved and/or are unmourned (sometimes because of ambiguous loss / they are missing) and just can’t move on until their death has been acknowledged or they gain the experience of being loved or re-connected.

The Carriers: they have a soul part belonging to someone else in their energy field and this keeps them tethered to the physical realm.

The Attached: part of their soul will be attached / or held by someone in the physical; for Chris, part of his soul found a ‘home’ in another’s body, and I was also holding some of his missing pieces.

The Fearful: they will be too scared of the collective brightness and comfort of the astral realm, if they have been a loner in their physical life, or lived separated from others for lengths of time. Perhaps guilt or fear of facing their life choices at their ‘life review’ will also keep them from entering.

The Malevolent: those who wish to continue doing harm to others in the physical realm. This wasn’t Chris, obviously, but when I was beginning to work with spirits, was unprotected and stuck in grief/fear they saw their opportunity to tell me that Chris was dead… and I wasn’t ready to hear that.

There may be other types that will come forward for support, but, for now, that just about covers my experiences.

So, what does a rescue medium actually do?

If I talk you through what I was able to support Chris with (and still do), you’ll get an idea of what the role entails and see why it’s taken me a few years to remember the skills gradually!

  • Connecting in — safely — with him on a mental and energetic level to allow him to express and therefore release, respectively, his fearful thoughts and emotions,
  • Holding his energy within my body, so he was able to trust me to help him,
  • Helping him to see he was physically dead & supporting this awakening of consciousness,
  • Enabling him to retell his story, so releasing his trauma, by ‘grief- walking’ alongside him,
  • Acting as a bridge between him and family/friends in the physical,
  • Finding and retrieve his missing soul parts from another’s body (spirit attachment),
  • Releasing energies he was carrying which belonged to others (including me),
  • Fully clearing his energetic connection to his physical life (including releasing another earthbound spirit connected to his death in Africa — forgiveness / understanding was needed),
  • Assisting him to complete his ‘unfinished business’ (currently, the final part: the return of his ‘bones and belongings’),
  • Developing an ongoing relationship where we could remain separate energies, but could co-create together, to deliver our joint purpose: love resurrection!

It should be noted here that I was grieving, healing and transforming alongside Chris as the years unfolded, as well as remembering what my/our destiny role actually was! I have since seen this happen many times as soulmates in the physical and spirit have evolved together. Siblings. Lovers. Parent/Child. [Some of them are now part of the RAISE Rebirthing Team!]

What role does Chris play now?

My brother’s been the ‘project manager’ since he’s ascended. He’s been able to move freely across time and space, attracting earthbound spirits to him and making the connections between their loved ones and me, in the physical. He has a very large group gathered around him and if you’re reading this article, there’s an excellent chance that he has someone with him who wants to connect with you.

In this way, he also acts as a ‘gatekeeper’, so I’ve never been overwhelmed or out-of-my-depth with the ‘rebirthing’ process required with each case, and everyone in the physical I’ve worked with has been ready to experience the connection and the personal awakening which happens in tandem.

More recently, Chris has been bringing earthbound spirits to me en masse, who don’t have a particular soul contract with someone to help them ascend. Each group has a specific type of death which connects them, for example men who died during battles. I have a different guide who acts as the ‘door keeper’ and as spirits enter my energetic space, Chris reaches down for them and they rise, leaving behind soul parts which don’t belong to them. These soul parts are collected during the cleansing process, and kept in a grief keeper until I’m prompted to release them, or a group appears in the physical to collect and integrate them.

During these collective releases, the ones at the front of the queue will be those who wish to pass on something specific to the physical (love, forgiveness, understanding, etc) and once they have passed through me, the rest rise rapidly and in great numbers. I will film more of these releases in the future: by watching them, people can receive what they need from these spirits.

Like myself collaborating with other RAISE rebirthers and healers / supporters, Chris is working with other ‘bright’ ascended souls who act as rescue guides for earthbound spirits who don’t need particular help from the physical to ascend: he seems to be with others who’ve died young (all seem to have pass over, suddenly, under the age of 35) — a particular soul family, if you like. They seem to work as a well-oiled machine, full of joy and light. I gather that, like Chris, they were supporters and guides for others, well beyond their years, in their physical lives.

How do you know if YOU might be a rescue medium in waiting (like me)?

In our case, I was initially contacted by Chris’ personal guide (a grandmother) who had been with him all the time he’d been earthbound, keeping an eye on him, but it was time for her to hand Chris over to my care. I noticed her signs and listened to my instincts. I contacted a medium, got told to ‘know myself’ and basically went from there!

Some other indicators may be:

  • being a magnet for others when they need support, all through your life,
  • being the ‘black sheep of the family’ and feeling the need to release the lower vibrations you sense,
  • receiving visitations from spirits in dreams,
  • having a seemingly ‘unhealthy’ interest in death, cases you see in the media, historical crime, mediumship, etc,
  • you are overcome emotionally in certain places, without knowing why,
  • you experience traumatic loss of a soulmate or are close (in relationships) to many traumatic losses, or witness the deaths of others, or are the one to (repeatedly) find dead bodies / receive premonitions of death,
  • you will have experience a severing / sense of abandonment in your life and will have compassion for earthbound spirits,
  • you will be a good listener, and may well have counselling qualifications,
  • you are highly intuitive, and have been since a young age, although you will probably have shut down in fear at some point.

What if you feel this might be a role you are destined to step into?

Talk to us! RAISE is a safe space. You might even be part of the RAISE Rebirthing Team!

We know the pathway to help you remember your abilities and gifts, and we do this through: connection, community, creativity and ceremony. While we support earthbound spirits to move into the astral realm, the difference within RAISE is that we also work directly with their loved ones in the physical, so that everyone can rise, together, in love, to find peace, harmony and purpose beyond death. We work with, and as, soul family, across the realms.

The world of ‘stuck spirits’ needs you activated and in service.

Final words…

If you’ve read through this blog you’ve probably got questions. You may have had an ‘ah-ha’ moment, too. You may even have experienced the ‘touch of spirit’ (chills or warmth) within your body.

I guess Chris and myself just want to de-mystify and introduce you to earthbound spirits*, because they are often feared and ignored by most. Chris was one. He has gathered many around him. It might well be that you have an earthbound loved one (especially soulmates), which is why you have found this blog — and if you are an empath you will have nodded in recognition at the symptoms of an earthbound spirit: you will be feeling their presence.

Rescue mediums might be the rarest form of mediums, yet we can have the greatest impact in terms of personal, ancestral and collective healing. Imagine if all those stuck souls in hospitals, in ‘haunted’ places and those wandering round us, could be raised and enabled to ascend: just imagine the release of heavy vibration and spirit attachments, the missing soul parts returned to us in the physical, the grief transformed and the harmony gained.

The outcome of this work is joyful — Chris and myself are the ‘possibly models’ for this. But during the process, it requires patience, compassion and gentleness. It is delicate work because in the end the truth has to be revealed and while the truth sets everyone free, it means having to be ready to acknowledge illusions and accept a reality we might have tried very hard to not see.

Ultimately, the power of love overcomes the power of fear, and when that happens nothing is impossible. Love is resurrected.

Do comment if you have questions or thoughts, as it will help me to expand and clarify this concept / work. I do wonder if the focus of RAISE is about to change and really niche!

You can also email me:

* I have also worked with earthbound animal spirits — although I didn’t realise it at the time — especially while writing my book ‘Beastly London: A History Of Animals in the City’. I realised that I was bringing them out of the shadows, telling their stories, and honouring them (and apologising to them) for their role in shaping our capital.



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