My Letter Of A Lifetime

However, I began to have very lucid dreams during and after the social media search. I would feel my body fly to meet Christian. He was always in a bad way, nearly dead, being cared for by grandmotherly figures, or latterly he was a tramp, wandering around being ignored by everyone.

In my dreams, he was always pleased to see me; always ‘hugged’ me and constantly talked about making his way home. I totally believed this was my brother, Christian, and many times I expected him to turn up on my doorstep or receive a phone call from him. There was always an excuse, however, why he didn’t call or why he didn’t appear.

It was then that he told me he wasn’t sure whether I really wanted him to come home. Did I really love him? Did he trust that I wanted him back in my life?

And those words set me off on an almighty path to self-knowledge and unconditional love for myself and my brother. As it turned out, it took me 18 months before I was ready to receive my letter from Spirit…

I was complete: two halves becoming one.

This lasted for a few days as I carried my brother with me and after he’d left, an empty hole reappeared. He said to me: “I’m going back to my physical body, right now, and phone you. I know your number (of course).”

When I burst into tears, gulping for air as my world imploded into pain and grief, my 7yr old daughter (Chris’ only niece) said, “It’s Uncle Christian, isn’t it, Mummy? He’s not coming home is he.” She’d said what couldn’t be fathomed, or spoken aloud. “Probably not,” I said.

Three days and three nights I cried.

But why had all this happened? What was the reason?

There had to be a reason for all this pain — if not, I could only see bitterness and anger ahead.

He told me he’d been helped by a grandmother figure, and her son, when he was ill and they seemed to travel with him, but he was often alone on his journey, although he was perfectly happy. He also told me he couldn’t believe he’d been dead for 15 years, without realising.

He said how sorry he was for deceiving me, too.

Even though I was in tears as I wrote, I could feel the love flowing, the comfort, and the reassurance being gifted to me. There was a lot of information in the letter for me, our parents, my children, my husband and for Chris’ friends — all designed to bring peace and closure to the search for him.

Instructions on how to contact him in the future were also included and how I could write letters for anyone now my channel was open and pure.

All the work I’d done on myself had created access to the non-physical realms and there were queues forming to ‘speak’ with me. But I would have to take care and only speak to the highest entities, bringing message of love and hope — to reignite people’s fires when they had never been lit, were on the wane, or needed refuelling.

And that’s the purpose I carry forward in life.

We have only experienced ourselves communicating because I worked to clear my energies, healed myself and then worked on the energies between us — forgiveness and understanding played a huge part in turning our damaged love (mainly broken trust) into unconditional love. But that’s for another blog, perhaps!

Chris and I now write together — this blog being an example — and he’s very keen to share with me his explorations in the non-physical realm [edit: we have fully revealed our full story via films on our YouTube channel: ‘The Finder of Lost Things’ — both informally through live Facebook films and formally on our radio show/podcast].



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Hannah Velten

Hannah Velten


Spirit Medium, Writer & Speaker. Works with brother-in-Spirit, Chris, to support healers of their family tree to release ancestors from grief, trauma and shame.