The Finding of Lost Things

The energies of Autumn: ways to respond and support yourself

Hannah Velten
5 min readOct 5, 2022

Several blonde-haired children came to me early this morning, in the restless time before the alarm. They were lost and running towards me. They found safety and support and comfort in my presence. This is a recurring dream / vision.

The little boy played with my hair, drawing it up into a ponytail, as though he was practiced. The white-dressed girl came running out from the bushes towards me, just as I woke.

Who are these children?

They may be young Earth-bound spirits lost and confused.
They may be energetic impressions of people’s missing soul parts, separated during traumatic childhood experiences.
They may be angelic guides giving me direction — Chris is surrounded by children and young energies, as he was in his physical life.

They may just represent you and me. Adults reacting as children. Reacting rather than responding.

Responding comes from a place of love, of balance, of faith: you know you are never really lost or alone. But reacting comes from a place of fear.

Last night in our weekly RAISE livestream, the guidance from Spirit was very clear. We are in times of energetic turmoil and things are feeling uncomfortable. It is one of the times in the year when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and love is easy to receive, but so is any grief, shame, pain rising to be released. We don’t need to take these energies subconsciously into the winter with us: better to have them recognised, accepted and then we can respond gently, lovingly and introspectively over the following months.

Cards drawn for our meeting: from Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards & Mystical Shaman Oracle Card Deck

Of course, we could react to what’s rising up with fear: change is necessary, the element of the unknown, questions about our ability to cope, what will other’s think… universal fears. It would be easy to turn away or try to bury them, again. But the feelings will keep resurfacing and get stronger. I know that full well.

You may think ‘For F*ck Sake, I’ve worked on this for ages and thought I’d cracked it… not again…” Another hard truth to accept. I found out there are many levels to grief: in our selves, in our soulmates (in the physical and in Spirit), in our ancestors, in our past lives and in the collective. When one level clears, the next appears. That is why grief seems to be intractable, until you acknowledge the guaranteed presence of these layers and the fact that we are energetically connected across time and space with our soul family, wherever they are.

It is possible to truly heal grief with guidance and patience, and a willingness to be open and ‘do the work’.

Love is actually all you need.

If you are wanting to rise above the Earthly grid of fear and if you are empathic (and you probably will be if you’re reading this) — you are able to feel other’s emotions — then it’s especially important for you to respond with this question, ‘Who’s energy is this?’ Energy is not ‘bad’ or ‘good’ but just is.

Is it yours?
Is it someone in your immediate environment?
Are you feeling an energy in Spirit?

I could always feel Chris’ energy. I was with him when he was fearful, when he was confused, when he was filled with foreboding, when he was angry, when he was regretful, when he felt shame, when he felt pain, when he was lonely, when he felt guilt for putting those he loved through trauma. He was unbalanced energetically, so much left incomplete and this energy had stagnated. He was Earth-bound, unable to rise.

We were both frozen. Both of us had experienced a death in life. We were waiting to be rebirthed; neither of us realising we were only waiting for ourselves to wake up and remember it was up to us.

But we needed mentors. We needed guidance. We needed to harness the power of love to work its magic on the darkness. I was given the opportunity to stop reacting, to surrender and to ask for help, and I took it, because I was exhausted, crumpled at the bottom of the brick wall and chained to the grid of fear.

[As I’m writing this Sam Fender’s ’Seventeen Going Under’ is on the RASIE Spotify playlist — available within RAISE.]

If in doubt of whose energy you are feeling, go straight to the source. Some clues…

Have you recently:
- been unearthing your family tree and found some disturbing stories / experiences?
- found an object belonging to your ancestors / loved ones?
- been exposed to public displays of grief?
- been separated from a loved one — through death or change in life circumstances?
- met people who you feel are soulmates or soul family?
- been guided to support your family to heal wounds/toxic patterns/losses?
- voiced your true beliefs, or begun to follow your heart to where you feel you’re being led?

Chris’ stationery holder: a mini-disc (remember them?) case — recently found & now being used with his pens

It’s vital to support yourself when you realise your energy is unbalanced and these are some things I’ve learnt over the years:

- remove yourself from the situation or person, if possible
- ask yourself, “What is this energy showing me I need to be aware of?” — pull a tarot/oracle card, journal, meditate
- take time out for yourself
- energetically cleanse your body and your environment — for example, chakra clearing and smudging.
- replenish your energy reserves
- ask for support from your spirit guides — even when you don’t feel them, or know if they exist* — they can provide ‘soft’ boundaries where love can pass through, but keeps denser energies out.
- grounding practices — for example, visualise roots growing out of your feet, and drawing up the calm ‘heart beat’ of the Earth energy into your body.
- notice your breath: breathe deeply and calmly.

When you feel calmer and more balanced, take action. Don’t sit and wait for someone else to do something. Make a decision and stick to it. Use your creativity, speak/write your truth and trust yourself. You are the only one who can influence your future — you might fear responding, but be courageous and lead with love. Just remember another hard won lesson — you cannot transform anyone, just yourself.

And ask for support.
And when the support comes, thank them.
Remember you are helping them as much as they are helping you.

You are your safe space.


* Please trust me when I say you have a spirit guardian, or several. Just whisper, “Please support me… “



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