Waiting In Line: The World of ‘Stuck Spirits’… not just an Autumnal ghost story.

Hannah Velten
7 min readOct 19, 2022

Recently, every time I work with someone new (as a spirit medium / energy healer) there is a line of spirits waiting to be released. Every time. The thought is overwhelming when you realise the queue exists. But, from my learnt experience, you just need to stay calm and employ ‘bouncers’ (usually your guides) to tell the spirits to form an orderly line. They always oblige. They are just so excited to see a ‘Rebirther’ come ‘online’ — they can feel the vibration of love, trust and harmony. It’s so attractive: they want to rise up and ascend out of their low vibrations, but they need help.

Last week, after engaging her guides, a client told me she saw her line all chatting and having a cuppa together. [Remember there’s no ’time’ in Spirit, even in the middle world/limbo, so they are fine waiting there for ‘years’ if necessary]

You’ve probably got many questions…!

Why are these Spirits waiting?

They have experienced a death in life, but they linger, they are Earth-bound and trapped for several reasons.

  1. they don’t know they are dead,
  2. they are held there because of other’s grief weighing them down (especially complicated grief and ambiguous loss),
  3. they are holding onto other’s soul parts (they have mixed energies with someone in the physical),
  4. there is unfinished business to attend to (anger/unhealed trauma weighs them down),
  5. they are missing soul parts themselves (because of trauma),
  6. they need recognition / forgiveness / understanding.

I have been told this (see below), but also this was Chris and my experience and is the experience of those spirits Chris guides towards me.

What are these spirits waiting for?

Well, YOU, essentially. Chris was in this limbo level — it exists. He was waiting for me to REMEMBER that I was a ‘Rebirther’ and waiting for me to BE the ‘Rebirther’. Then we could fly free, together.

Ironically, I was waiting for HIM to return home from Africa… for 15 years… until we were told he was a spirit. And in the spirit queue behind him was our paternal grandmother, our maternal grandfather, one of the men who was ultimately responsible for Chris’ death and some aspects of our souls (past lives) — all of which required energy healing, compassion and forgiveness so love could flow unimpeded.

Are you a ‘Rebirther’?

It’s all very well saying this, but how do know if you might be a ‘Rebirther’, or, in other words, the healer of your family and soul connections. I had no idea I was one, until I gained hindsight, well into our healing journey.

These are some clues for you:

You would have heard their calls, or cries in some cases: the repeating patterns, the endless synchronicities, the whispers in your ear. You might have felt them, detected their presence, seen them on the periphery. You might know these spirits. You might not — your guides can be calling you in.

Rebirthers are empaths — energetically connected to others — so you will be feeling spirit energies, and taking their emotions on as your own, if you are unaware.

You will be drawn (often fearfully initially) to Spirit, to the unknown, to nursing / hospice work, to the funeral industry, to championing the under-dog, to the under-belly of society.

4) You will know of many who are potentially ’stuck spirits’ — met them (even long ago) or found / dealt with their bodies or have heard about their deaths through others.

5) Eventually, you will be wanting to ‘clean your house’: have a clear out, a release, a reprisal of your life, to finally find a solution / completion / peace to an seemingly intractable grief or the feeling of something always being missing, or just out of reach.

How do you become a ‘Rebirther’?

YOU first need to rebirth. To strip yourself back to your bones. To flesh out those bones. To leave behind all that you are not. To truly know yourself. To experience the love, support and guidance available to you from the world of spirit and your ancestors. To know what you came here to BE and DO. The fabled ‘Double Mission’: heal yourself and then support others to do the same.

It requires patience and courage to step into your role of ‘Rebirther’ — none of us fully enter into a connection with Spirit without an element of fear. It is the unknown and it requires us to change: we need to become balanced, in love, in truth, fully in trust and in our power, to have a correct, safe and effective 2-way relationship.

If you are feeling you recognise yourself as a ‘Rebirther’, Chris and myself are here for you. This is what we do: inspire, empower and support the healers of their family /soul tree. You can find us within RAISE, our online HQ.

How do I know of ‘The World of Stuck Spirits’?

Chris and I have our own experience of him being a ‘stuck spirit’ and what was needed to raise him up — and myself. But a few days ago, I was doing my usual daily writing with Spirit and a familiar ‘voice’ came through me. This time he identified himself as a representative of a collective from the ‘World of Stuck Spirits’ who Chris is partnering with.

[This is no surprise. Chris has made lots of partnerships over the years: especially with young adults and children who have been Earth-bound (and still are, in some cases). Together they work to bring their loved ones in the physical towards me, or at least to hear / view our words and films.]

Chris is very personable and trustworthy — but he doesn’t mince his words, nor does he take any sh*t. He’s the best gatekeeper and why I keep doing this work because I know that he’s only bringing those spirits/people who are: 1) ready, 2) courageous, 3) coming in love, 4) have a ‘double mission’.

So, this representative of ‘Stuck Spirits’ explained to me many things — the following is an extract:

“Our need is to be rebirthed, just as much as you are. By ‘rebirth’, we mean, come back to life (after death — & ‘yes’ you suffer your own death in life when you ‘lose’ us as we pass into a different energy vibration). The secret here is to allow us to visit you, to receive from us. We are trying to tell you of our misfortunes and of our trials — they are the same as yours, because we have carried them through with us. You don’t pass over / through & suddenly all your grief, woes and troubles dissipate. They don’t & that is the hard message that Hannah & Chris have to share — don’t shoot the messengers. They, & we, are not meaning to frighten you but the existence of stagnant grief here that’s trapped & unable to be released in holding millions of souls in pragmatic stagnation because this is the only way we can stay close to the Earth to receive help & support. We need you to release us. And in these Autumnal energies this is when you will feel us most — & see us. There is an awakening we are spear-heading & there is no bigger battle than for you to release us, and to release yourselves, too… We can pretend this isn’t happening, but why do you think there is magic at the sides in the darkness, can you see the lights flickering? The love is surrounding us but unless we connect into it, the fear wins. It is now time to get to work… You can ignore us, but we are you, & you are us. If you know we are trapped, help us to fly free, because you will fly free, too. The ‘Rebirthers’ are at peace — just as Chris & Hannah…”

I wonder: what’s your response to these messages?

Chris and I have a mission: to support these ‘stuck souls’ so they can rebirth and release their Earthly chains, freeing all who are energetically connected to them. We intend to tours the UK, and the world, to do this work, but we will need support — and this is where YOU, the Rebirther-in-Waiting, come in; or perhaps you already are a Rebirther looking to collaborate.

Perhaps you have a soulmate / loved one who you feel is ‘stuck’ and you just know you are the one to release them? (I just knew I was going to be the one to find Chris). Perhaps your union will continue, helping others to rebirth — like Chris and myself?

There is a whole line of spirits waiting for you to heed the call, and help them, and help yourself in the process.

There is one warning, though: “Rebirthing souls is a beautiful occupation but it must be done safely and without ego.” With this in mind, Chris and myself are holding a 17-day private circle within RAISE, beginning Monday, 24 October 2022 (yes, a few days’ time), for those ready to begin answering the call.

Let’s bring love into the darkness.

Email: enquiries@hannahvelten.online for more information.




Hannah Velten

Spirit / Rescue Medium. Releasing stuck spirits, with my brother-in-spirit, Christian, at theraiselighthouse.org