Waiting In Line: The World of ‘Stuck Spirits’… not just an Autumnal ghost story.

Why are these Spirits waiting?

  1. they don’t know they are dead,
  2. they are held there because of other’s grief weighing them down (especially complicated grief and ambiguous loss),
  3. they are holding onto other’s soul parts (they have mixed energies with someone in the physical),
  4. there is unfinished business to attend to (anger/unhealed trauma weighs them down),
  5. they are missing soul parts themselves (because of trauma),
  6. they need recognition / forgiveness / understanding.

What are these spirits waiting for?

Are you a ‘Rebirther’?

How do you become a ‘Rebirther’?

How do I know of ‘The World of Stuck Spirits’?



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Hannah Velten

Hannah Velten


Spirit Medium, Writer & Speaker. Works with brother-in-Spirit, Chris, to support healers of their family tree to release ancestors from grief, trauma and shame.